Bryce Harper Got A New Car

We just bought a new family car, and our primary concern was if it had a third row. Something tells me Bryce Harper did not share that concern.

The team at Shoreline Motoring built this amazing ’69 Camaro for Bryce Harper. It is powered by a supercharged CTS-V stroker LSA engine. The full custom interior includes an integrated iPad mini and paddle shifters. It is built upon a full custom chassis with Wilwood brakes and center locking Forgeline FS3P wheels mounted to the Forgeline Flush-Loc center lock conversion kit.

Ooooh, an integrated iPad mini. Fancy. (via Nats Enquirer)

11 thoughts on “Bryce Harper Got A New Car”

  1. “Paddle Shifters”

    So are they saying Bryce Harper drives a ’69 Camaro with an automatic transmission? Isn’t that a little girly?

  2. If it was automatic, why would you need paddle shifters? Paddle shifters allow you to shift gears with your thumbs on the steering wheel, like an F1 car. I seriously doubt that it’s an automatic. But more importantly, a third row? Unless the third row is a cap on the back of a ext cab pickup, it’s not a family car it’s your wife’s car. Station wagon or minivan?

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