9 thoughts on “The Yanks Have Outspent The O’s By $460 Million This Offseason”

  1. Pretty disappointing offseason. Seems like the birds are placing heavy bets on Gausman & Bundy to be big league ready this year.

  2. You heard it here first:

    2014 World Series
    O’s vs Nats

    2014-2015 Super Bowl
    Ravens vs Redskins

    2014 Rec League Basketball Championship
    Baltimore Bullets vs Washington Generals

  3. The O’s offseason has been frustrating as hell … For all the continued talk of signing a proven starter with nothing to show for it, then the Balfour PR gaffe — it has the wonderful Peter Angelos’ fingerprints all over it. So much for the few years of “PA hands-off” bliss. If this continues, I project a solid 3rd place finish for the O’s for the foreseeable future. But, who knows? Maybe the new pitching coaches and Showalter can pull it out, despite PA’s meddling …

  4. Gausman (hopefully) will be better this year, but Bundy won’t even take the mound until June and that will be in the minors. Optimistic outlook on Bundy is 2015.

    I understand some of the tactics Dan is taking, but for the life of me don’t understand the refusal to get one or two starters. The rotation is about as volitale and unimpressive as it gets and one or two injuries away from picking up Sidney Ponson to eat up some innings.

    Fuck Angelos.

  5. Getting a decent starter would require a contract of 3 years or more … Not an investment the O’s make with starting pitching.

    I couldn’t agree with you more, F PA …

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