The Redskins’ Super Bowl Drought Is Old Enough To Drink

Fun column here from Chuck Culpepper, unless you’re a Skins fan:

“Make it 22 years of waiting for Redskins fans, a duration everyone but they hopes will extend into perpetuity, or until the owner sells the club.”

At this point, only seven NFL franchises (the Bengals, Dolphins, Vikings, Chiefs, Jets, Browns and Lions) have waited longer. I’m surprised it’s that many.

4 thoughts on “The Redskins’ Super Bowl Drought Is Old Enough To Drink”

  1. I’m pretty sure the only team with less winning seasons (we have 4 since the 1992 season) is the Browns with 3. The Lions have 6, the Jags have 7, the Texans have 3 and they weren’t even founded until 2002!

  2. My little bro was born a few days after the Redskins won their last Super Bowl. Sometimes, when the Redskins are particularly bad, I’m tempted to punch him in the face

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