Reading The Tea Leaves On Desmond And Zimmermann

Ian Desmond got two years, $17.5 million, and Jordan Zimmermann got two years, $24 million. Both are eligible for free agency in 2015, meaning they’re in line for big-money deals after next season.

Boz is optimistic:

Harper over at Nats Baseball? Not so much. It’s a gamble, but so are $100-million-plus contracts.

One thought on “Reading The Tea Leaves On Desmond And Zimmermann”

  1. Not sure what to think. I’m ok with ZNN getting the 2 yr deal, but I’d like to see Desi locked up, since he’s so damn likable and he feels like the heart and soul of the team.

    That said, I have faith in the front office of this franchise (odd feeling for DC sports fan).

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