The Redskins Head Coach Hiring Approval Matrix

Warning: Here lies a highly scientific survey of four national NFL media-types* on the Redskins head coaching situation, now that Mike Shanahan and staff have been told to PSGO. Also, there’s a chart (click to enlarge):

As you can see above and below, I asked said media types to rate the 19 candidates I could come up with from one to five both in terms of A) how likely it is that the Redskins could hire them and B) how good of a hire he would be for the Redskins.

The results vary wildly, but I think they average out nicely to provide a view of A) who the Redskins should pursue and B) realistic outcomes. Keep in mind “a projected six to nine teams [are] expected to be in the market for a new head coach.”

Likely And Good (8)

Todd Bowles, Cardinals DC (4.5 on the likely scale, 3.0 on the good scale)**
Greg Roman, 49ers offensive coordinator (4.25, 3.75)
Lovie Smith, currently unemployed (4.25, 3.75)
Darrell Bevell, Seahawks offensive coordinator (4.25, 3.0)**
Jay Gruden, Bengals offensive coordinator (4.25, 3.0)**
Ray Horton, Browns defensive coordinator (4.0, 3.5)
Ken Whisenhunt, Chargers offensive coordinator (3.75, 3.75)
Mike Zimmer, Bengals defensive coordinator (3.75, 3.25)

Likely But Bad (7)

Russ Grimm, currently unemployed (5.0, 1.25)
Danny Smith, Steelers special teams coach (4.75, 2.25)
Sean McDermott, Panthers defensive coordinator (4.25, 2.5)
Gregg Williams, Titans defensive assistant (4.25, 1.25)
Vic Fangio, 49ers defensive coordinator (3.75, 2.75)
Dean Pees, Ravens defensive coordinator (3.75, 2.5)
Art Briles, Baylor head coach (3.25, 2.25)

Unlikely But Good (4)

Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M head coach (2.5, 4.5)
Bill O’Brien, Penn State head coach (2.25, 4.5)
Jon Gruden, Monday Night Football analyst (2.0, 3.5)
Bill Cowher, CBS studio analyst (1.25, 3.0)**

* The panel included Will Brinson, Michael David Smith, The Mighty MJD and a national NFL writer who shall remain nameless.

** These guys each rated out as right between “good” and “bad”. I rounded up for labeling purposes. Again, science!

30 thoughts on “The Redskins Head Coach Hiring Approval Matrix”

  1. First, I would have to disagree with your placement of Cowher so far along the unlikely scale. I have it on good authority that, as we sit here wallowing in filthy sadness, Snyder is getting shitfaced onboard Redskins One (1986 French Bordeaux, great year!) on his way to Cowher’s secret Western Pa. hunting “cabin” (8 BR, 7 baths, skeet shooting in back) to woo him with an unbreakable $10 million/year 7 year contract offer.

    Second, I’m going to jump out of a window now.

  2. Briles is the true nightmare scenario. It would confirm our deepest fears about Snyder coddling RG3, and exacerbate the problem. The fucking guy is 58 years old with ZERO pro coaching experience. It’s going to happen.

  3. Jim Ed- Don’t worry about Cowher. The idea that he’d take the job is a joke, no matter what Chris Russell says. He’s making millions doing a very easy job that won’t age him at double the natural rate.

  4. I would add David Shaw (Stanford HC) to the good, but unlikely category.

    Would love to see Snyder hire a real GM who hires the next coach, but it’s never going to happen because why would the Skins ever do something that makes sense?

  5. Unsilent – Yeah, I usually completely disregard whatever Chris Russell has to say, but bringing in Cowher seems like such a Snyderish move, it makes me uneasy.

    Whisenhunt seems like a frontrunner as well, which independently is probably fine, but that contract better have a clause in it expressly forbidding the hiring of Todd Haley, or even coming within 500 ft of RG3 at any time. That’s probably the worst scenario.

  6. The worst pick would be Briles. I have heard talk about RG III’s dad meeting with Snyder about hiring him. The quarterback is important, and having a coach that understands the qb and bring him to his potential is also important. But it takes a team to win, and Snyder needs to look at what will be best for the whole team. Bringing Briles in would definitely hurt the team! because that will confirm the relationship between Griffin and Snyder and eventually turn the team against the qb and owner.

  7. Did John Gruden telegraph something in his interview with Debartolo recently? I’ve got Jay Gruden coaching with Debartolo running personnel. The 49ers and Seahawks guys are too smart to sabotoge their own careers in DC.

  8. what has Jay Gruden done to show he could be a successful head coach? arena league is glorified 7 on 7 passing drills. the bigger question is what are they going to do with the defense. with the personnel that they have, it has to stay a 3-4 right?

    dark horse candidates? jim mora and kirk ferentz

  9. I’m cool with Roman, Bevel or Wisenhunt. Guys who work well with QBs and stress a running game. Jay Gruden would be a good choice as well. I like Lovie Smith as a coach, just not our coach at this time.

    Let’s take a swing for Tony Dungy! I know that sounds too impossible but who had us getting Joe Gibbs back again? And make sure London Fletcher is a new linebackers coach!

    What worries me is the Snyder coaching cycle. He hired hard nosed Schottenhemier, then hired goofy Spurrier. Then hired well respected Coach Gibbs, then hired goofy Zorn. So what can we expect after Shanahan? Mike Leach? Lane Kiffin? Rob Ryan? Donovan McNabb?

  10. Mike I feel like we could run a 4-3 with our current ppl. Kerrigan, orapko/orappo/orakko,cofield, baker on the line. Riley manning the mlb, jackson and robinson at the olbs

  11. Take it from a Skins fan in Chicago, Lovie Smith makes Shanahan look like a timeout, clock management, and replay challenge genius.

  12. Cooley is making a late run to get the job. He’s breaking down game film, grading players and talking about how a HC just needs to delegate to the right coaches, all while pretending to tout Danny Smith for the job. Cooley would be right in line with the owner’s gimmick hires. Not sure how the commish would feel after seeing CC pull the challenge flag out of his crotch though.

  13. Sorry, but this is already another fail parade. Bruce Allen is now in charge of personnel ? He has a dismal record as a GM. He actually doesn’t see a problem with the past performance of the Front Office and that we should just focus on the future ? We’ll be right back here 3 years from now.

  14. Other than coordinating the hell out of the Redskins Park office lunch orders at Chipotle and Wegman’s, WTF has Allen been doing for the past four years? Why wasn’t he told to PSGO? This is a guy we’re supposed to trust now to help get it right? Yikes. I’m sure Bruce never effs up the Noodles and Co. orders, but he’s shown himself to be worthless.

    Since we’ve tried throwing monopoly money at coaches, why not try to do that with a solid GM? Give Bill Polian $10 mill a year to draft us some solid players and maybe even hire a decent coach. I would also love a coach like Roman/Whisenhunt (minus Todd Haley) who can get us back in the power running game/defense mold.

    Do not want anything to do with Briles (for all the obvious reasons), Cowher (maximum DanSny hire), Saban, Petrino, Jon Gruden (who has a hard-on for Kirk Cousins), Gruden2, Lovie Smith or pretty much any re-tread. I know Bill Belichick was fired before turning into Vince Lombardi 2.0, but why don’t pro teams stay away from chuckleheads who have been previously fired? For every Belichick, there’s like three or four Romeo Crennels. Isn’t that a giant red flag that you’re taking a chance on an established loser? Give me Roman, bring back 50 gut, draft some respectable linemen and use our cap space to add a starting safety, corner, a new KR/PR/slot receiver and let’s stop sucking.

  15. watch Snyder do something like lure Urban Meyer from Ohio State… AND TOTALLY REDEEM HIMSELF!

    can we bring Norv back? Petitbone? Bobby Ross? GOD, I HATE ALL THE CADIDATES. If we hire Cowher, i am officially a Ravens fan.

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