Redskins-Cowboys Winners & Losers

Handing out labels after Skins games. This one a 24-23 loss to Dallas.


Pierre Garcon — Monster game (11 catches, 144 yards) to break Monk’s 29-year-old record for catches in a season. Cousins was looking to him first over and over again. The catch while laying down was particularly inspired.

London Fletcher — Picked up six more tackles in his last home game, and wasn’t embarrassed by Jason Witten once. The diving, flipping attempt he made at DeMarco Murray during the final goal-line stand was absurd. Feel bad about that outcome, though.

DeAngelo Hall — Picked Romo. Loves playing against Dez/Dallas.

Kai Forbath — Made three out of three field goals, including one from 47.

Aldrick Robinson — Made a diving 3rd-and-9 catch in crunch time.

Nick Williams — Looks who’s returning kicks now. Averaged 24.7 per.


E.J. Biggers — Had a free shot at Romo on a safety blitz, but Romo faked him to the ground and calmly threw a TD to Dez Bryant.

Kirk Cousins — Sloppy in the red zone, sloppy on the last drive. Had some accuracy issues too.

Santana Moss — False started inside the 10. Kinda dropped what ended up being Cousins’ INT. Caught two passes for 13 yards.

Mike ShanahanCommenters in our open thread were not big fans of him calling timeout with the clock stopped just before the two-minute warning.

Jim Haslett — Interesting choice to not pressure a hobbling Tony Romo AT ALL while Romo limped his way to victory.

Sav Rocca — First punt was returned inside his own 5. His second and third punts were muff-shanks that took lucky bounces. Needs to PSGO.

Keith Burns — The kick return unit committed a block in the back on their last return, when they really needed the field position.

Perry Riley — Got lost on DeMarco Murray’s game-winning TD.

Brian Orakpo — That groin injury did not look pleasant.

Erin Andrews — Why was she working this game?

The FedEx Field turf — Still super-shitty.


Josh Wilson — Made an awesome play to force a fumble early, made an awful play to slip and allow a deep pass late (see above).

Ryan Kerrigan — Picked up a sack for the second straight week, but that was about it.

Alfred Morris — Got carries (24) but didn’t do much with them (88 yards).

The FedEx Field experience — I swear I saw Romo quieting the crowd when Dallas had the ball inside their own 10 during the first quarter. It did get loud late, though. I don’t know; it’s hard to tell on TV.

10 thoughts on “Redskins-Cowboys Winners & Losers”

  1. There is still another game left in this season from hell. THEN, lots of offseason drama to look forward to.

    infinte sadness indeed.

  2. i dont know what the plan is for old shanahan. but i want young shanahan gone, haslett gone and keith burns gone. i dont know how much money it will cost and if its possible but hire lovie smith as DC and every coach associated with the seahawks special teams

  3. My gut says what you want Mike: all assistants gone. I think dad will be back though. I know that makes no football sense but I guess that’s why my gut says that’s what’ll happen

  4. Winners: St. Louis Rams

    In five years when the Rams are loaded with talent and the Redskins are firing another coach, the trade of all those picks for RG3 will be Herschel Walker to Minnesota-esque. Meanwhile, we’ll be stuck with more Dan Snyder BS for another 40 years.

  5. Very upset that Perry Riley just let the check down receiver get open right in his face for the touchdown…And he is London fletchers replacement??? Try again!! SMH…

    P.S great observations of the game!! will bookmark this site!!

    Mario IM!!

  6. Losers: Cowboys

    Barely beat a horrible team led by a backup QB. Will probably get smacked down next week by the Eagles, leading to more laughing at Romo. Guess we have to find our joy where we can.

  7. Someone was polling fans waiting in line at the stadium yesterday on Shanahan/management moves this offseason. It looked fairly even on keeping Shanny vs getting rid of him, but not so much for Kyle.

    The guy told me where I could find the poll online, but I was slightly intoxicated at the time.

  8. I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, but it looks like we are about to give away a #1 overall pick for a #2 overall pick. Has that ever happened?

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