75 thoughts on “Redskins-Falcons Open Thread”

  1. Jules in my mind today was the day Fletcher finally gave Riley the replacement talk. He told him, “This is your defense, I’m done after this year. I believe in you, now go out and prove me right”. Yeah. Something like that

  2. He wears the non stretchie armed sleeves. It looks even more absurd in Madden. He might be the only player in the league that does it.

  3. Thought RCuz would stink today. He played like Drew Brees Jr., and that’s not a bad thing. His teammates seem to respond to him too.

  4. Looked good outside of the turnovers YES I KNOW THAT SOUNDS RETARDED

    We’ll win the division next year, just praying everyone involved with the team has the patience I have

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