An Ovechtrick For The Ages

Alex Ovechkin scored four goals in one game last night for the third time in his career and first time in nearly six years. The fourth goal tied it up with 32 seconds remaining, too, propelling the Caps to a 6-5 overtime shootout win. Here he is afterward, in a timeless photo that I just love.

Links from the four-goal game:

— video of all four goals [Caps Insider]
— epic celebration GIFs [Russian Machine]
— John Walton’s awesome call [Caps Voice]

14 thoughts on “An Ovechtrick For The Ages”

  1. Couldn’t consider it near the best game I’ve ever seen considering Green’s headsman impressions and Alzner getting brutally boarded but it’s up there with most exciting

  2. The man can win a game out of sheer force of will. After they went down 5-4, you could see Ovi would NOT let it end that way. I feel sorry for people who don’t watch or don’t appreciate this.

  3. Deadspin said it better than I could:

    “Nights like this, you owe it to yourself to step back and realize you’re watching one of the greatest scorers to ever play hockey, in his prime, doing what he was put on ice to do. Give thanks for that, and for the fact that we live in an age when these highlights are easily accessible.”

  4. Hadn’t heard that one before. Thanks for bringing to light that the Caps have underachieved in the playoffs; I don’t think anyone was aware

  5. If you limit your view of excellence to what happens in the playoffs, you are missing out on a career of athletic excellence.

  6. I’m not making any inferences, I’m just citing facts. Kudos on using a homophobic insult as counterargument, always effective.

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