Mike Rizzo Just Robbed Detroit

The Nats traded Robbie Ray, Steve Lombardozzi and Ian Krol to the Tigers for Doug Fister. Or, as Fangraphs puts it:

The Nationals surrendered a non-elite pitching prospect who has pitched a half season at Double-A and probably won’t rank in anyone’s Top 100 next spring, plus a couple of role players who might or might not end up amounting to anything. And in return, they’re getting two years of a very good starting pitcher at far below market prices. This trade is nothing short of a bonanza for the Nationals.

A bonanza, you say? Why’s that? Nats Baseball answers the call:

Toss in the AL-> NL move and [Fister] should give you a season like Gio or ZNN did last year. That’s what Fister is, a Gio/ZNN like pitcher. A #2 who could pitch at times like a #1 or like a #3. Maybe since he’s 30 you lean more toward the #3 side than the #1 but he’s the Nats #4.

Mike Rizzo is an evil genius.

7 thoughts on “Mike Rizzo Just Robbed Detroit”

  1. Don’t get me wrong, cause it’s a great trade. However, pitchers switching leagues normally have a hard time. He also played in a pitchers park.

  2. Jamie, I think you’re wrong about Det. Obviously it will be open competition for that 5th spot. But Detwiler could actually transition into a sort of long relief type of role a la Gorzelanny. Being a lefty surely helps that also. We also still really have no certainty as to his health.

    I think Roark and Jordan (and Ohlendorf though to a lesser extent) really could provide a spark in that 5th spot. At the very least, they provide bullpen depth.

    Would still like another lefty reliever but feeling better about pitching now.

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