Redskins-Giants Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 24-17 loss to NY.


Brian Orakpo — Treated LT Will Beatty like a turnstile for two more sacks, giving him 5.5 in the past four games.

Perry Riley — Seemed to play well out there, at least in pass coverage.

Al Michaels — I *love* how pissed he sounded about the refs screwing up the end of the game. Do NOT play with Al Michaels’ gambling lines.

Cris Collinsworth — I’m a big fan of Cris Collinsworth. Discuss.


Pierre Garcon — What a terrible night for 88: called for delay of game after kicking the ball into the stands(!?), averaged 6.8 yards per catch, dropped two or three passes and got the ball stripped out of his arms to end the game. It’s cool, though; I’m sure RGIII will shoulder the blame.

Kyle Shanahan — Two things I don’t understand: 1) Why ditch the up-tempo no-huddle attack after it produced their first opening-drive TD of the season? 2) How does RGIII end up with more carries than Alfred Morris?

Jim Haslett — The D started strong and but just kept fading, allowing 24 points to an offense with no RBs and a QB who leads the NFL in INTs.

Kyle Nelson — The son of Sundberg grounded a punt snap, which resulted in Giants ball on the Redskins 46, which resulted in a Giants TD.

Sav Rocca — Another 38-yarder when they really needed the field position. May be the worst punter in the league.

Kai Forbath — Kai Forbath doesn’t get to try 57-yard FGs, not even at the end of the half.

Tyler Polumbus — Justin Tuck had four sacks. Four!

Fred Davis — Sleepy Davis sighting! Dropped what should’ve been a big catch on the final drive.

Ryan Kerrigan — Not sure what happened to him; he’s a real Nowhere Man.

FedEx Field — That field looks and plays so shitty.

Mike Shanahan — Two games back of the second-to-last-place team in the NFL’s worst division.


Robert Griffin III — Weird game for RGIII, but aren’t they all? He was accurate and nearly put up 300-plus total yards with no turnovers, but he also held the ball too long and took off to run too much. Bonus weird things RGIII needs to work on: 1) sliding 2) blocking 3) slipping.

Alfred Morris — Scored a touchdown and doubled his receiving totals (three catches for 27 yards), but was abandoned once again.

Evan Royster — Started at fullback in place of an injured Darrel Young, prompting Collinsworth to say he’s “probably the smallest fullback in the history of the league.”

Santana Moss — Didn’t do much, but I’m enjoying the Santana Moss Punt Returning Experience, which consists of copious hand gestures, yapping, sure-handedness and shiftiness.

Brandon Meriweather — Got run through by Peyton Hillis. Caught a gift INT.

Logan Paulsen — Caught a big TD. Also had a key drop or two; must be contagious.

The refs — What went down at the end was suspect, but I’ve got a bigger issue with the plays that happened right before (Davis’ drop) and after (Garcon’s fumble) the crime. They’re not to be forgotten.

10 thoughts on “Redskins-Giants Winners & Losers”

  1. Even up 14-0, I had little doubt what would happen over the final 40 minutes or so. It was just a matter of how painful it would be. In a season full of pain, this was just another brick in the wall.

  2. Garcon was an absolute baby last night. Dropping passes left and right. Perhaps ran the wrong route on his kickball play. Overall acting whiney.

  3. Didn’t watch, by choice, for the first time in years.

    The poor team play and coaching are one thing, but the thought of losing a top 3 pick on top of that makes the reality unbearable. I mean, think about how many teams would be fighting to trade up for that top 3 pick to grab a QB. This whole RG3 acquisition is snowballing into a epic fail faster than A Vinny Cerrato free agent signing.


  4. Turns out Kerrigan isn’t any good. This D is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Good thing we have all these draft picks to shore it up!

  5. Re: that Chris Burke tweet, is it the Redskins’ strength of schedule that determines the pick or the Rams’? I assume it’s the Skins’ since theoretically it’s their pick. But I just wanted to make sure since obviously the Rams own it.

  6. ThisGuy:

    Explain to me how the D “gets a lot worse before it gets better.” Sure, London isn’t on the up, but other than him, the only starters that aren’t under 30 are Hall (30), Golston (30), and Doughty (31). You could argue that had the Redskins had an additional eighteen-ish million in cap space, all three of those players would have been “upgraded” this past off-season.

    The defensive line should return next year, and may even be upgraded. None of those guys are on definitively regressing yet. You could argue that Carriker coming back is a plus.

    The linebackers will have Riley (25), Kerrigan (25), and Orakpo (27) returning. All of which you could reasonably argue are still expecting to progress as opposed to regress.

    The backfield can’t be any worse than it was this year, personnel-wise. Philip Thomas will be back, Amerson will be more experienced, Rambo will be more experienced.

    “New” money will be there to upgrade at both safety and corner positions if we need to. Plus, there’s a better-each-week chance that Haslett won’t be back.

    I’m all for doom-mongering, but unless you’re talking about the next four weeks, it’s hard to see how this defense gets ANY WORSE, let alone “a lot worse.”

  7. @dingoVB.

    Aside from Thomas (an unknown) and Carriker, the unit is 100% healthy with arguably their two best players in contract years and playing like it (Orakpo, Hall). Are these two the missing pieces? I’m going with no. So this is the D at its best, more or less. And it’s horrendous.

    While the young guys gain experience – not necessarily skills, just experience – the older set declines. Fletcher is done for example, with no one in the pipeline to replace. An FA pickup will be better, maybe? The internal D-linemen are in the second half or twilight of their careers, except for J. Jenkins who is replacement level.

    Does firing Haslett guarantee improvement? What if we have to morph back to a 4-3 with a new coordinator – do we have the proper front 7 for that after spending four years building a 3-4 front? That probably will take growing pains.

    As to my rhetorical choice, yes it’s loaded with emotion, and yes I agree it’s hard to get worse than what they are now.

  8. Collinsworth has grown on me. He is much better than he was ten years ago
    The draft pick issue shows that legendary coaching hires tend to be very short sighted in their thinking and overpay for talent
    –Exhibit B is Gibbs being stuck with dead arm Brunnell
    –Exhibit C is Ditka trading an entire draft for Ricky Williams
    Anybody looking at hiring Cowher should think about this
    My common refrain regarding Shanny was that never in the Snyder era has Washington looked more like a professional team. The key word there: “was”
    The whole name issue is very tiresome; however, somebody referred to them today as the Washington Slurs. That was pretty clever.

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