Redskins-Giants Predictions

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. Been on the road since last Saturday, is my excuse. Hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, despite the state of the franchise.

Here are our staff’s completely scientific predictions for tonight. Make yours in the comments. Whoever is closest to the actual outcome wins a guest post on this here weblog.

Andy Peden: Giants, 27-20

Embarrassment on national TV again.

Jack Kogod: Giants, 24-20

Oh are they playing again?

Matt Terl: [Ed. note: Matt failed to quantify the “misery and sadness.”]

I predict misery and sadness, in one form or another.

JP Finlay: Redskins, 30-20

Giants might be worse than the Skins.

Todd Davis: 16-16 tie

Really afraid of a Swinging Gate redux, but Giants are just as bad.

Jamie Mottram: Giants, 27-17

The Redskins are actually favored to win this game.

Composite prediction: Giants, 19-16

20 thoughts on “Redskins-Giants Predictions”

  1. The misery and sadness have moved past the idea of “quantifiable” and could only be demonstrated using emojis. Final score will be [panda bear, explosion] to [alien head, high heels, champagne flute], Giants win.

  2. Man, if only this team were healthy we could have accomplished so much…wait…

    Well at least we have draft picks!…wait…

    Well we have RG3!…hmmm….

    Everything is terrible

    Giants 30
    Skins 24

  3. after taking a fourth sack in the first quarter, i predict RGIII’s father runs out on the field and carries his son off the field.

  4. Rams fans gleefully tune in to watch the value of their draft loot go up. Snyder’s PR flunkies note that the moniker Giants is offensive to some tall people.

  5. North Jersey – 35
    Landover – 13

    Both RG3 and Cousins get knocked out with injuries, Rex makes the offense look functional in the second half, and I spend the 4th Quarter looking for a rope and an I-Beam in the basement that can support my body weight.

  6. Giants 34
    Infinite Sadnesses 3

    Nooobody knooows….the trouble I been through.
    Noooobody knooows…,my sorrowwww.

  7. Bob is terrible this year and will pass the blame like he always does.

    Eli is terrible and will not get any blame for his mistakes because he is a Manning.

    NY – 31
    Washington – 26

    and how about Morris get 25-30 carries this game and not allow Bob to lose this game with his stupidity and crap play

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