Redskins-49ers Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. This time a 27-6 manhandling at home by the 49ers on MNF to fall to 3-8.


NFL (and/or aspiring NFL) coaches looking for highly paid jobs — There are about to be a number of openings in the D.C. area. You just have to work for that gold watch-wearing MFer.


Robert Griffin III

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Navajo Code Talkers

17 thoughts on “Redskins-49ers Winners & Losers”

  1. Winners – Calling heads on the coin toss FTW. Of course they elected to receive which never makes sense. It went downhill after that.

    Losers – Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Coaching, Ownership. That about covers it.

    Medium – Gunning for the first pick in the 2nd round!

  2. Mr. Goodell, I know we traded away our 1st rounder, but can we have one anyway? We stink. Surely some allowance can be made given our awfulness. Thanks. The Redskins.

  3. This might sting a little. RG3 didn’t play any better or worse than he has in games when he stockpiled stats. The difference was playing against a really good defense. Also, that looks like a yellow rubber watchband.

  4. Man, we need some WR’s. Morgan is usable, Garcon plays as hard as he can, but the rest of those guys are useless. The TE’s sucked, blocking and catching. The Niners front seven abused the o line. We could have used DY last night. I am not an RG3 apologist but hell throw Peyton himself out there and we would still be 3-8. Another Dud like this and time to start looking for a good GM and to rebuild this team around RG3, Morris, Garcon, Reed, TW, Cofield, Kerrigan and Orakpo. Forbath can stay also, same with ole Reed Doughty.

  5. This was a lost year from the start. We were silly to expect RG3 to fully recover from surgery, without practice or preseason reps, on the fly, while simultaneously adjusting to the league D that had adjusted to him, against a harder schedule than last season.

    We know what this offense is capable of under the Shannies, and they deserve another year.

    Lack of talent on D is the #1 problem facing this team, methinks.

  6. I’ll just leave this here, from RG3and8’s scouting report:


    Lacks ideal height. Ran a spread-option offense featuring many simple, one-look reads and lateral passes that inflated his statistics. Works exclusively out of the shotgun. Will use a side-arm and three-quarters delivery with a low release point that leads to batted balls. Makes his receivers adjust to the ball. Average anticipatory instincts and timing — is late to deliver the ball. Is not built to withstand a pounding and take punishment. Not an agile, make-you-miss runner — does not make full-speed cuts. Feels pocket ghosts and seeks to vacate prematurely — must continue refining pocket instincts. Too often late to see and feel pressure — takes unnecessary hits and durability could become an issue. Has 31 career fumbles and lost nearly half — can improve ball security on the move.

  7. Darth-
    From that same scouting report on RGIII, though:
    A playmaking weapon capable of carving defenses with his live arm or legs, Griffin made a splash the minute he arrived on campus and emerged as a lethal big-play, vertical passer as a junior. Still must continue to hone his passing instincts from the pocket and prove he can stay healthy outside it. However, he proved he could catapult a doormat program to new heights, has the game-changing prowess to ignite an offense immediately and could add a flair to a downfield passing attack.

    Also – to feed the trolls, the scouting report on Cousins says he’d be a perfect fit with the Redskins (among others).

  8. Simple misunderstanding, I thought you were saying he had 31 fumbles in the NFL. Instead it was a direct quote from before he was drafted. In the NFL he has only lost a third of his fumbles.

  9. That code talkers stunt was so disingenuous Im now totally on board with a name change. I would have been more convinced keeping the name is right thing to do if they had recreated the massacre at Wounded Knee.

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