DMV: Brad Beal Is Going Off

Brad Beal is quickly achieving “star shooting guard” status. [Truth About It]

Beal travels further and plays more per game than anyone. [Wiz Insider]

“Is RGIII a douchebag?” Good read by Drew Magary and friends. [Deadspin]

London Fletcher doesn’t know if he’ll return for his age 39 season. [Insider]

Answering the question: Is Holtby a franchise goaltender? [Japers’ Rink]

Sifting through the Nats’ quest to add a starter to their stable. [Nats Journal]

Fans may not know what they have in Strasburg & Harper. [Nats Baseball]

5 thoughts on “DMV: Brad Beal Is Going Off”

  1. My list of other QB’s that seem like douchebags:
    Cam Newton
    Jay Cutler
    Kaepernick(who may be king douche)
    Big Ben
    Rodgers(look at some of those hissyfits he has thrown)
    Geno Smith
    Eli and Romo(because they suck)
    A few I am probably missing…

    But writing articles based on nothing more than whether or not that person is nice,genuine or sincere is nothing more than US or People magazine type of tabloid paparazzi bullshit. If RG3 is QB here for 10 more years and wins games and makes the Redskins exciting, he can be a giant douchebag asshole weirdo bitch for all I care. If being nice made for a star franchise QB, we would have had ours in JC17. If RG3 wants to be a world class douchebag, thats his prerogative.

    The kid is only 23, at 23 I drove a Schwans truck out of Weyers Cave, Va. and spent all my time getting baked and eating nutty buddys that “accidentally” fell of the truck.

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