Redskins Long Snapper Nick Sundberg Got Into It With My Brother On Twitter Today

This is Nick Sundberg. He’s the long snapper for the Redskins.

He has an incredible back tattoo.

This is my brother Chris. He’s the longform editor for SB Nation.

He’s incredible at brewing good beer.

They got into it on Twitter today. It started innocently enough, with the Redskins wishing Sav Rocca a happy birthday.

Apparently some fans insulted Rocca instead of sending well wishes. In a related story, he ranks 32nd in the NFL in punting. (But still, happy 40th, Sav!)

Nick Sundberg did not like this one bit.

Chris, who likes to serve common sense cold, responded.

This got Nick Sundberg’s attention.

Chris, who’s a brave soul, was happy to oblige.

Another Twitter vigilante named Keith jumped into the fray.

Chris was happy to oblige with this dude too.

Nick Sundberg, still paying attention, re-engaged.

Chris wasn’t sure where the long snapper was going with this one.

Then things started to escalate just a little.

Chris kept playing it cool (smug?), because he’s good at Twitter.

Then Nick Sundberg broke out the big guns.

Day = Made.

Nick Sundberg is “sorry not sorry.”

And scene.

38 thoughts on “Redskins Long Snapper Nick Sundberg Got Into It With My Brother On Twitter Today”

  1. Sundberg is only the second most bloggable Redskins long snapper after Ethan Albright. But bringing that up would make me a troll also right?

  2. I personally know Nick. He’s the only douchebag in this. I’m glad he’s showing his true colors, but it’s not even close to what he’s really like. He’s a liar, a fake, and he constantly cheats on his girlfriend. He’s a manipulater and womanizer and so desperate for the spotlight he does anything to get the medias attention. He’s a pathetic excuse for a football player and an even more pathetic excuse for a man.

  3. After using “sorry not sorry” he then tweeted pictures of his Applebee’s salad tagged #ohnomnomnom and a neck down picture of himself laying by the community pool.

  4. Wait, you’re not going to highlight Chris’s last comment about all Redskins players trying their best…except Fred Davis? I call BS.

  5. If what true says is true I’m sad. While working at training camp, I saw Nick and Evan as the only ones to stay as long after practice as it took for everyone who wanted a signature to have one

  6. TJL, the only reason why was to get noticed. Get to really know Nick and you won’t like him. The way he treats people is disgusting. It is sad, but hopefully people will stop seeing through his fake image.

  7. True Story, get a life and move on. Woman scorned does not look good on anyone. Also, take a grammar class. In your first post, medias should be possessive, duh.

    Additionally, if supporting countless charities, loving your family and friends, staying at every event until the very last fan gets an autograph, adopting a rescue dog and sticking up for his teammate makes Nick a “pathetic excuse” your moral compass is broken. Maybe you should spend more time working on that and less time harassing Nick. Grow up.

  8. Tammi, who says I’m a woman? I’m not surprised you would think that though. He does treat women horribly. I know very well Nick’s moral compass is the one that is wrong. Everything he does is for show, to just get his name in the media. So sorry to see you have been fooled as well. Time will tell. Best of luck to you.

  9. Who says you have to be a woman scorned to wear it?? Jealousy is a horrible accessory. You have no idea the wonderful things he does that no one ever hears about. The people that matter know his beautiful soul and his kind heart have no boundaries. Ridiculous all of this started because he stood up for his teammate and friend. I have not been fooled, don’t need time to tell me I’m blessed with a great friend, and I sure as hell don’t need luck from the likes of you. Carry on.

  10. I didn’t check with all of Chris’s friends, but I did go to Marshall and can say most white guys there were dB’s, so there’s that

  11. Tammi isnt Nick Sundberg, she is a 50 something fat lady that when she isnt hanging out with 20 something fat girls, she can be found slobbering on Redskins players knobs. Especially back ups and nobody’s. See Nick Sundberg.

  12. I know Nick well. This seems like you were just trying to provoke someone for a reaction. You go the reaction you were looking for. Congrats. Now you got someone talking about you, and you blame him.

  13. Ugh, is this the result of a losing team?

    Its half-way through the season and we’re all gabbing like its march, and there’s no important actual football related conversation going on.

  14. If you look at the “conversation,” I didn’t provoke him at all, and in fact tried to defuse it several times. He kept reigniting it for some reason. And he ACTUALLY DID ask a guy I went to high school with about me. A guy I haven’t seen or spoken to in 14 years. So, yeah.

  15. Man, the post made me realize why I am not a twitterer… That whole exchange made me and every person who read it a little dumber. I cannot imagine people who tweet constantly.

    But man this comment section got interesting. I think Tammi may have been Nick’s mom. And True Story is his little brother who lost his gf, his self esteem and his dignity living his life in his big brother’s shadow.

    Aww, who cares…

  16. @ Chris Yea, He was just pissed that you called him out..and then couldn’t disengage from his rage. Then he resorted to name calling…

  17. @DocJ78 I use Twitter mainly as a why to promote and discover things relevant to my day job. Occasionally, stupid shit like this flares up. But I totally get why some people feel like you about Twitter.

  18. It seems to me Nick suffers from Little Dick Syndrome, as well as severe immaturity. Even if fans were slamming Rocca (seems to me they were just stating facts about his punting) be the bigger man and don’t result to insults and name calling. How old is he? 16? Seems like it.

  19. As far as I can tell, Nick Sundberg hasn’t botched a snap and did play with a broken arm for a game, and this blog is pretty great, so can we move on? I don’t like when two things I like fight. This feels like an interleague series Nats vs. Os series…

  20. Wow, I didn’t expect Jonathan Martin (True Story) and Richie Incognito’s dad (Tammi) to hash things out in the comments section of Mr. Irrelevant.

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