Redskins-Eagles II Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. This time a 24-16 loss at Philly. Note: Thanks to Fox cutting to a “a more competitive game” I only saw a) the Eagles going up 24-0 and b) the Redskins’ final, futile drive. Fun!


Alfred Morris — Did his damage in the first half. Finished with 93 yards. Very FroMo.

Brian Orakpo — Got a sack and a half. Seems worth mentioning.

Darrell Young — Didn’t see it happen so I have no idea how DY was able to score a 62-yard TD.

Aldrick Robinson — Scored a 41-yard TD of his own. At least I can imagine this one.


Mike Shanahan — Swept by Philly. Alone in last place in the NFC East, at the moment. Maybe cool it on the extension talk this week?

Kyle Shanahan — Shutout in the first half. Again. Great line by deepvalue from the Open Thread: “Skins offense can stack up with anyone as long as they are facing a prevent defense.”

Jim Haslett — Gave up 24 points in the two-plus quarters I saw.

Robert Griffin III — Completed 48.6 percent of his passes. Heaved that godawful INT to end the game. Out come the wolves.

Roy Helu — Whiffed on Connor Barwin, who then nailed RGIII for a fumble-sack. Also fumbled on third-and-forever.

Nick Williams — His first career punt return should’ve been fielded at the 10; it was downed at the 2. He let another one go later; it rolled into a 70-yarder and was downed at the 4. Holy shit.

Sav Rocca — Six punts, 37.2 yards per. How ’bout them Redskins?

Trent Williams — Beat by Trent Cole for a sack or two.

Tyler Polumbus — Does not strike me as an NFL-caliber right tackle.

David Amerson — Outmatched one-on-one with Riley Cooper.

Whoever cleans the team bus — Because it got egged.

LeSean McCoyJust let the guy wave his flag.

Sunday Ticket subscribers— I pay for this.


Santana Moss — Made a 28-yard catch on 3rd-and-25, so there’s that.

The refs — Who knows what Trent Williams is ranting about here.

17 thoughts on “Redskins-Eagles II Winners & Losers”

  1. Tom, that’s not even a valid question. Definitely Burns.

    I think Amerson should be in the medium section. There was some bad but also some pretty good. He seems to be getting better each week.

  2. Tom – all of them. 4 years, 3 losing seasons, no discipline, no lasting improvements in any facet of the game.

    For anyone who brings up last year’s winning streak: Even Jim Zorn had one good half-season.

  3. What kind of shit was it to switch away from the game in the 3rd quarter to Detroit-Pitt? Since it was the scheduled game, Sunday Ticket was Blacked Out. If I want to watch my team g there ass handed to them and I pay for it, I should be able to. Again, I paid for that right. I also missed all of the Redskins scoring plays.

    In a way, the whole game and Sunday Ticket bullshit was very Redskins…

  4. That banner tear down reminds me of the time that George Allen tore down that “losers” banner in Dallas.
    I think that the Skins need real leadership. Shanny’s style is dated, it doesn’t match up with RG…or the modern nfl for that matter.
    The whole damn thing is dysfunctional.

  5. following need to go:
    moss, both shanahans, haslett, burns, nick williams, rocca, polumbo, fletcher, meriweather. the 3-4 defense, that damn toss play, 7 yard passing plays when its 3rd and 15, dr james andrews being the team doctor, the yellow pants, and people calling griffin rg3.

    49ers on monday night. that should be fun.

  6. I missed the first half courtesy of a baby CPR class at Washington Hospital Center, so when I texted a friend to ask if I should watch the first half on delay, his response was “no, youd be better off driving onto the nearest railroad tracks and puting the car in park.”

    So, good times!

    Anyhow, the one bright spot (to me, and I’m grasping at straws here) was Kevin Sheehan tweeting “Durrr, RG3 shuld be benched!1!!!1!1” followed by RG3 almost immediately throwing two long touchdowns to give the Redskins even a modicum of hope. This was a great reminder that Sheehan is a complete dunce and only serves as the mouth-breathing public conduit of every idiot fanboy furiously typing over at extremeskins. And lets not even start on his HOT SPORTS TAKES about the Wizards and John Wall.

    Also, this team is poorly coached disaster, and it appears to be coming completely off the rails per the post game comments where each player took time to throw the staff under the bus. Can’t wait for the March reports of Redskins One being sighted in whatever city John Gruden lives in.

  7. What drives me crazy is I work in the ER on the weekends and I go to extreme lengths to be able to watch games. I’ll rig the shift assignment system so that I get a low volume area Sunday afternoons. I’ll either pull and extra computer or rig up a cellphone deal so that I can covertly watch while charting.

    And almost invariably it’s a complete waste of my time and I shut the fucker off before the first half is even over and go back to work

  8. So bummed to thear Trent Williams whining about the refs calling him mean names after the game… he should be focused on his own play and why it sucks.

  9. LOSER: ME
    They finally did it. Yesterday was the first time since at least the 6th grade I didn’t tune in via TV or Radio for a Redskins game from kickoff. It just ruins my damn day to watch this product on the field. That was fine 5 years ago or so, but I have kids and family, and it is just not fair to them to watch something that is going to take up that much of my day and leave me angry. I DVRed the game, and if if was competitive I intended to watch it, but I had no hopes of them actually winning.

    I would like to say that makes me a winner, but in reality I spent the whole time not watching it pissed off that it has come to this. Throughout the portion of my life I actually remember, Fall Sundays have always meant Redskins, so it was just bizzare to know the game was on and I was not watching it.

    My dad was over and convinced me to watch the fourth quarter live, which was just a microcosm of any Redskins game from recent memory condensed into 15 minutes of game clock. At no point did I expect them to win and I actually made a friendly bet with my dad they would lose by 2 (scoring a TD and failing to get the 2-pt conversion). He predicted they would lose by 8, so he “won” I guess.

    When the game was over, while disappointed, it took me only a moment to let it go since I hadn’t invested my whole afternoon in it. Hopefully next week I can make it all four quarters and not give them any of my time, then I can make it in the winners column.

  10. It’s unbelievable to me how unprepared this team looks on a regular basis.

    Is it the players, the scheme, the coaching, the organization? I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s not working.

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