DMV: Gilbert Arenas ‘Smarter Than Average’

Gilbert Arenas discusses investment opportunities in Cali. [Bog]

Wiz down 100 at half but come back for moral victory in Motown. [BF]

Caps played sloppy but got a good shootout win in Winnipeg. [Japers]

What’s up with Mike Green getting benched in the final minutes? [CSNW]

Broncos will honor Mike Shanahan on Sunday, like they should. [Bog]

Fred Davis makes clear that he didn’t ask to be traded. [PFT]

World Series starts tonight in Boston. Good teams w/o stars. [USAT]

Want to watch 50 Cent audition for American Ganster? Yes you do. [DS]

5 thoughts on “DMV: Gilbert Arenas ‘Smarter Than Average’”

  1. Man I love Gil. I wish his knee had held up AND we drafted John Wall and Beal. I think that would be a legit small ball lineup

  2. Gil sold himself short when mentioning what he put in during his time as a Wizard by failing to talk about his ability to poop in shoes.

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