DMV: Andy Reid Should Be The Kool-Aid Man For Halloween

Nothing to do with D.C., but it is the greatest sports GIF ever. [SB Nation]

Brandon Meriweather suspended two games for being the worst. [John Keim]

The Bears didn’t appreciate getting headhunted by Meriweather. [Bog, Bog]

Stephen Bowen tore a knee ligament. He may not miss time. [The Insider]

Sounds like the Skins are trying to move Fred Davis now. [The Insider]

106.7 no longer takes Oneida Nation’s anti-“Redskins” money. [DCist]

Elsewhere, the 980 booth was busy singing “Hail to the Redskins.” [Bog]

Ryan Kerrigan is genuinely funny and good at the social media. [Bog]

Hey, shitty 12-toppings pizzas (via the Redskins and Papa John’s)! [Bog]

Six years later, the Sean Taylor trial is finally starting. [The Early Lead]

Cal Ripken and Dusty Baker are NOT getting the Nats job. [Nats Journal]

Nats 3B coach Trent Jewett is the fourth man to interview. [Nats Journal]

Sounds like Ariza is starting. Should be Martell Webster. [Bullets Forever]

This is an awesome look at the Wizards using fancy stats. [Kevin Broom]

Terps football is wrecked by injury heading into Clemson. [Testudo Times]

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