Deion Sanders Is Not Impressed By RGIII’s Pregame Speechifying

I’m a big fan of London Fletcher’s hype work. RGIII’s, though? As evidenced by yesterday’s pregame speech, he may need to practice in the mirror. Here’s what Deion Sanders had to say during the NFL Network’s Redskins-Bears segment (via Chris):

Deion: “That sounded like that was off a teleprompter.”

Chris Rose: “What’s the matter with reading something off a teleprompter?”

Deion: “Not when you’re speaking to your team. (Imitating RGIII’s voice) ‘We’re going to get our breakthrough.'”

In a related story, a Google search for “Deion Sanders pregame speech” yields … nothing of substance.

Later on they showed Devin Hester’s punt return TD, over which Marshall Faulk said, “Fire the punter,” not once but twice. Would that be the same punter who boomed the ball and pinned Hester to the sideline, right where Niles Paul was waiting (but failed) to tackle him? Maybe Faulk was just reading off a teleprompter.

4 thoughts on “Deion Sanders Is Not Impressed By RGIII’s Pregame Speechifying”

  1. Niles Paul was not waiting for him, he was pushed out of bounds before he got close to Hester. He was able to get a hand on him, but not enough to take him down. Shanny mentioned the hang time on the punt in his presser today.

    1. Good to know. I just remember Niles being right there. Point remains the same: you don’t fire the punter for a TD return, especially when the unit as a whole has been the worst thing ever in sports all season long.

  2. I think Rocca should have been replaced in the offseason, and definitely should be replaced next season. He has been inconsistent for a while. I would love to get a young punter that can do kickoffs, but they might have to spend a draft pick to do it. And I doubt they will with the other holes on the roster.

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