Redskins-Bears Predictions

The way it works is, our Redskins-loving staff makes predictions, then readers make predictions in the comments, and the commenter who comes closest to the final score gets to make a guest post. Hip-hip!

Chris Mottram: Bears, 34-24

Chicago has the second-best scoring offense in the NFC. Both teams give up a lot of points. Basically, this is last Sunday all over again, but it’s at home. If the special teams can avoid giving up two huge plays and the offense can get touchdowns instead of field goals, there’s a chance! But nope, they’ll still lose.

Matt Terl: Bears, 24-21

This will be my daughter’s first in-person Redskins game as a functioning human creature. Some people might assume that this would bring the team a special kind of luck and suffuse our daddy/daughter day with a golden glow like the end of Field of Dreams. But I’ve been a Redskins fan long enough to assume that this is where they will break my daughter’s heart for the first of many, many times. At least she’ll probably learn a bunch of new curse words.

JP Finlay: Bears, 30-23

I keep thinking they’re going to win. And I keep being wrong. The one game I picked them to lose (Oakland), they won. So what the hell.

Andy Peden: Bears, 24-16

Trying to figure out this week’s failure: lack of offense, terrible defense, not so special teams and/or bad clock management. Bound to get at least two of these.

Todd Davis: Bears, 17-14

How quickly we forget what Cutler looks like when D-Hall is on the other side.

Jack Kogod: Bears, 30-24

I’m going to the game. I have been to maybe one or two games since Sean Taylor was killed. It’s going to be horrible.

Me: Redskins, 30-27

I’m sensing an offensive breakout this week. The defense barely holds on. Special teams stops the bleeding. Skins win!

Composite prediction: Bears, 27-22

18 thoughts on “Redskins-Bears Predictions”

  1. Skins 35 Bears 10.

    Cutler gets ejected in the first quarter for trying to stab Hall with a trident and Josh McCown throws 4 picks to Hall in Cutler’s absence.

  2. Going for two in a row:

    Skins: 20
    Bears: 19

    Rationale: Skins could easily get demolished. However, Cutler likes to throw downfield, which requires a big dropback, which gives #98 and #91 a lot of time to get to him. And I think they will. Several times. W.

  3. Washington 27
    Chicago 14

    I don’t even read the other score guesses before I post anymore. Prediction – Something miraculous happens.

  4. Redskins 28, Bears 17.
    Cutler gets Hall’d away to the rubber room, drooling and blabbering “something, something, pick-6” over and over and over….

  5. Skins 35
    Bears 17

    I have no reason for this other than one out of four games Cutty plays like dogshit. I think this may be one of them.

    This is basically the season right here. 2-4 is rough to come back from, but it’s doable in this bleak division. 1-5 is impossible.

    Skins gut-check themselves and pull it together*.

    *This may be Saturday night’s Woodford Reserve binge talking.

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