DMV: The ‘Redskin’ Looks Like He’s Put On A Little Weight

Re-imagining all 32 NFL team logos with added heft. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

The Redskins D hasn’t been bad the past 2.5 games. [Hogs Haven]

Watch some little kid ping-pong players talk some shit to RGIII. [Bog]

NYDN cartoon compares Redskins to the Confederacy and Nazis. [FTW]

Watch some Bears-Skins footage from the ’40s. [William World News]

Professional athletes that are way too into cereal is very Wizards. [Bog]

The Wiz have the seventh-most alley-oops the past two seasons. [FTW]

Sounds like poor defensive play is costing the Caps. [Caps Insider]

Among those the Nats are interviewing: Knorr, Williams and Ausmus. [NJ]

Maybe they should beef up security for Cal’s mom. [O’s Insider]

Maryland picked to finish seventh in new-look ACC. [Terps Insider]

I don’t think what Coach K says here is interesting but whatever. [Bog]

Coaches Poll is out. VCU is the highest-ranked A-11 team. [USAT Sports]

6 thoughts on “DMV: The ‘Redskin’ Looks Like He’s Put On A Little Weight”

  1. The Holocaust, Slavery, using a name for a sports team some find offensive. These are all equal. How astute NYDN.

    As a white person, I think Jews and African Americans should be very offended by this cartoon, so I’m calling for a boycott of the NYDN.

    Honestly though, I’m a Redskins fan and will not object to a name change, but come on, this is a bit ridiculous, no?

  2. I’d also like to note the Redskins logo in this cartoon looks to be a bit redrawn/skewed (to perhaps make it looks more offensive?)

  3. Oh my God! Oh my God! My twin brother has been shot! I think it was an Asian gang or something… There was this guy, he looked Asian… and he was speaking another language, I’m pretty sure it was… Asian.

  4. Not trying to be funny or racist, but if you have been through any reservations lately this is a more accurate description of what Native Americans look like today. Type II Diabetes and obesity is running rampant in many tribes, especially the one near me, the Cherokee Reservation in NC.

  5. Oh man, you know what we should do? Anytime we have a player make a “big” play we should put a tomahawk on their helmet! Right next to the spear!****

    ****sorry FSU fans, that was a joke. Didn’t mean to get the PC crew on you guys, too!

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