Redskins-Cowboys Winners & Losers

Handing out labels after Skins games, this time a 31-16 loss at Dallas.


Jim Haslett — The first drive was U-G-L-Y, but the defense came back to keep it close despite meager offense and horrific special teams.

DeAngelo Hall — Held Dez Bryant to 36 yards receiving and made a great play to prevent a Miles Austin TD. Gets the game ball.

Jordan Reed — Four catches on five target for 58 yards. Trucked a Dallas safety to boot.

Roy Helu — A very quiet 77 yards from scrimmage.

Rob Jackson — Picked Romo again in first game back from suspension.


Keith Burns — Makes Danny Smith look like Joe Gibbs.

Mike Shanahan — Failed to call timeout after Reed’s big catch at the end of the half, costing them 17 seconds and more TD chances. Kept kicking short field goals on fourth-and-short. Continued huddling up down two scores late in the fourth. Not a good night for Mike Shanahan.

Pierre Garcon — Only caught six balls on 15 targets. Got mixed up with RGIII on a couple routes.

Leonard Hankerson — Only two catches on six targets. Plain dropped what would’ve been a first down on fourth-and-10.

Ryan Kerrigan — Didn’t sack or intercept the quarterback. This is weird.

David Amerson — Called for pass interference. Concussed on Dallas’ long kick return.

The refs — Weird night. There were penalties galore, including one on each bench for unsportsmanlike conduct. And I still don’t get how Dallas was “blocked into the ball” on that punt return buttfumble (above).

Al Michaels — Likes to call RGIII “RG.” I don’t like that.


Robert Griffin III — Didn’t have time to throw, but was running as much as ever (77 yards on nine carries, plus 30 yards in late hit penalties along the sidelines). Fumbled twice inside his own 20, losing one inside the 5.

Josh Wilson — Had a great intro (above) and also deflected a pass that turned into an INT. But he missed on a corner blitz, allowing Romo to slip free and connect for a TD.

Alfred Morris — Bottled up all night, aside from a career-high 45-yard TD.

Brian Orakpo — The Brian Orakpo Holding Watch was out in force.

Kai Forbath — Missed a 49-yarder, but it’s good having him back.

Perry Riley — Picked up a sack. Also picked up a late hit.

Josh Morgan — I kinda like Josh Morgan, punt returner. Fearless.

Bob Costas — Just noting that he used his halftime soapbox to say that “Redskins” is an insult and a slur.

12 thoughts on “Redskins-Cowboys Winners & Losers”

  1. Losers:

    Skins Beat Writers not named John Keim – I get that most beat writers around the league are pro-establishment hacks, but holy fuck was your collective smug defense of Danny Smith tonight completely unbearable. Yes, the special teams this year has been bad in a historic, Taj Mahal in its grandeur and breathtaking scale kind of way, but that doesn’t excuse how bad the teams were under Smith. To wit:

    Football Outsiders Special Teams rankings by year –

    2012 Redskins – 28th
    2011 Redskins – 21st
    2010 Redskins – 25th
    2009 Redskins – 23rd

    So while it’s a real shame you can’t play grab-ass with The lil’ gum chomper anymore, spare us the fucking condescension about our repeated calls for his dismissal. If you could pull your heads out of your asses for a few minutes, you’d see it was warranted then and that fact doesn’t change no matter how bad this years special teams are.

  2. Losers: The OL. Dallas was missing most of their starters and the Skins couldn’t block shit. It was as bad as I’ve seen our OL look in a few years.

  3. These comments are great and sorely needed as I was in no mood to label Winners & Losers last night.

    DM&Terp, I had no problem w/ Wilson saying that, and said as much in the Medium section.

  4. Winner – James Lofton (Westwood One radio color commentator). Excellent and visually descriptive observations after every play, which eased the pain of having to listen to the 1st Q in a traffic jam.

    Loser again – have to double down on HC Shanny. 100 yards in penalties once again. Undisciplined, sloppy shit.

  5. losers: griffin. at last count he had 5 wounded ducks that weren’t even close to anyone. the scandrick interception was reminiscent of the mcnabb era. seriously, who was that pass to?

    losers: double down on shanahan. 4th and 1 inside the red zone, you f’n go for it, pussy.

    losers: refs, who screwed washington out of a win. puntbuttfumble + missed call on clear headshot on amerson gave the cowgirls an extra 14. lame.

  6. Losers: Whichever Captain calls the coin flip. 0-5 on the year. We’ve started one game with the ball (because the Raiders inexplicably defered).

    Yes, the D could get a stop…but fate has helped us playing from behind. Last night we’re down 7-0 before we touch the ball.

  7. Losers: Tarik El-Bashir, professional journalist who wrote, “Uhhh….no words.”
    Say that out loud to yourself, just to hear how it sounds, and then remember that he gets paid to write for a living.

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