138 thoughts on “Redskins-Cowboys Open Thread”

  1. My most humble apologies, Sierra Nevada. Your powerful potion has been and furthermore is Hoptimum, please grant the realization of your glorious pun to our ailing team, as a sacrifice I promise to mute all the Miller Lite commercials.

  2. Sierra Nevada, please find it in your infinite judgement to bless Mr. Griffin with a passing touch down, perhaps in the face of Brandon Carr, because I would like Chris Collinsworth to shut the fuck up.

  3. how do you come out of a bye week slow and not ready? especially coming out of a bye week against dallas? i want cowher and want him now. where do i send my paypal or bitcoins too?

  4. Sierra Nevada please send your calming song to our hero. May that song be “Touchdowntowne”. A hilarious parody of “Funkytowne (I wanna take you to)”

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