Redskins-Cowboys Predictions

The way it works is, our Redskins-loving staff makes predictions in the post, readers make predictions in the comments, and the commenter who comes closest to the final score gets to make a guest post. Hip-hip!

Chris Mottram: Cowboys, 34-23

There’s not a single reason I can find to believe the Skins will win this game: The Cowboys are better by a large margin on offense, a small margin on defense and the game is in Dallas. Skins are six-point underdogs; it won’t be that close.

Matt Terl: Cowboys, 28-20

Oh, is this team still playing football games? I thought it had become a theoretical framework on which to hang our views on the intersection of racism and modern branding. I guess the football stuff is cool too.

JP Finlay: Skins, 34-30

I’m going to Vegas for this one. This line opened at Dallas -2.5 and jumped to 5.5 or 6 in most places. Most people are drooling over betting the Cowboys, and usually when that happens most people are wrong. Not sure RG3 and friends can win, but I definitely think they cover.

Skins have some factors I like heading to JerryWorld, foremost Cowboys are due an emotional letdown after that heartbreaker last week. Dallas and Romo played their best last week, and still lost; that will linger.

Andy Peden: Cowboys, 38-24

I really want to believe that the bye week gave RGIII the extra time he needed to get back to 100% and he is going to light up Dallas like it’s Thankgiving. But I’m a realist and we aren’t going to score enough to keep up.

Todd Davis: Skins, 28-27

It really doesn’t make sense, but last year’s sweep and the fact the Skins MVP is going to be wearing #9 and a star on his helmet has really boosted my outlook in this one.

Jack Kogod: Skins, 27-21

I have no good reason for this.

Me: Cowboys, 31-20

Every week should be bye week.

Special guest (and Cowboys fan) Brad Parker: Cowboys, 27-21

There are three undefeated teams in the league, and the Cowboys have lost to two of them by a combined four points. The DC football team has one win, and in that game they trailed Oakland 14-0. Everything about this screams Washington win, especially the bye week for Shanny and RGIII’s knee. I really should go reverse jinx here but …

Composite prediction: Cowboys, 30-25

21 thoughts on “Redskins-Cowboys Predictions”

  1. 31-27 Burgandy & Gold.

    Time off lets RGIII the chance to re-launch his 2013-14 season. D-Hall gets burned for two TDs, but takes one back himself.

    Alf with 100+ yards, but a first half fumble.

    Helu with winning score on a screen pass.

  2. 14 – 13 Cowboys. It’s gonna be just close enough till the end until soul crushing hopelessness rears its ugly head.

  3. Cowboys – 37
    Redskins – 24

    I mean really, anything else is blind faith in the Skins. Until RGIII gets healthy/shakes off the rust/or whatever, I think we will see a lot of blowouts masked by late game scores to make it look better. This game is no different to me.

  4. Cowboys: 33
    Skins: 17
    I don’t know who this “Brad Parker” character is, and I don’t like that he is a Cowboys fan. But the first two sentences of his prediction are true and scary.

  5. Redskins – 24
    Cowboys – 35

    I hope I’m wrong. But old man London cannot cover Witten (who will have 150yds+). Orakpo and Kerrigan will get the pressure needed to force turnovers, but Romo will continue to find Witten.

    Same ol stuff stuff from the offense. Nothing happens early and gets in a big hole before moving the ball late 3rd and 4th to make it interesting.

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