Redskins-Lions Predictions

The way it works is, our Redskins-loving “staff” makes predictions in the post, readers make predictions in the comments, and the commenter who comes closest to the final score gets to make a guest post. Hip-hip!

Chris Mottram: Lions, 27-17

Still not a single reason to believe the Skins are ready to win a game, especially against another good offense. If they can limit the missed tackles to single digits, they might only lose by 10 or so.

Matt Terl: Lions, 38-24

Oh, man, is it time for another spirit-crushing loss to the Lions already? Seems like just yesterday that Calvin Johnson was scoring three touchdowns and Rex Grossman was being sack-fumbled into oblivion. I predict that this week, Nate Burleson puts up insane numbers and former Terp Shaun Hill makes a triumphant return to PG County after Stafford gets knocked out of the game. Then: 168 uninterrupted hours of talk radio squawking about RG3, the read option, and Kirk Cousins. Yay.

JP Finlay: Skins, 34-24

I wish I was drunk, but I soberly think the Skins will win. The Lions aren’t that good, and I think Shanahan > Schwartz. The threat of having to race Garcon wakes up Robert’s legs, Stafford throws a few picks, home crowd gets going. Also, Detroit doesn’t win here, don’t let that change.

Andy Peden: Lions, 34-24

Detroit is like 0-57 in DC. Skins will eventually play better but I think it will be after the bye. RGIII finally keeps it on the read option but it’s only after another terrible start. Megatron could go for 300 this week.

Todd Davis: Lions, 27-24

OK, I can’t believe I let myself become the burgundy-colored glasses Skins fan this year. Shameful really. That said, this is Detroit, and desperation is a great motivation. The boys will hang in there this week. Unfortunately, a hobbled kicker is no bueno in a close game.

Jack Kogod: Lions, 34-27

Bell and Bush run wild, Skins offense shows a bit of life.

Me: Redskins, 27-24

My Grandmother called for RGIII’s benching last week, and my brother in-law called for it this week. At this rate I won’t have many more family members left to disown. (Sorry, Grandma.)

Composite prediction: Lions, 30-25

27 thoughts on “Redskins-Lions Predictions”

  1. Lions 36, Skins 17
    Not even ever close. DJ Gomes pops Chris Thompson on a punt return, and forces a fumble. New Brandon Banks is benched, leading to two solid punt returns by Santana Moss or whoever is next in line. Our positive takeaway du week? Improved field position. Ugh. #rehireDannySmith

  2. Redskins 31
    Lions 24

    RGIII runs an an actual read option attack and rushes for 63 yards. Alf with two TDs. D-Hall gets burned, but also takes a Pick-6.

  3. Calvin Johnson has 14 catches for 231 yards and 4 TD’s, but only because Skins jump up 14 nothing after an opening kickoff return touchdown and pick 6 on the Lions first play. Skins offense scores every time they touch the ball, as do the Lions from starting their second possesion. Zero punts.
    Final Score
    Redskins – 42
    Lions – 35
    (Anything can happen right?)

  4. Skins get it together and roll…38-14
    Terps beat WVA in a close one.
    Nats miss wild card by 4 games
    O’s miss wild card by one game
    My son scores a goal in 6 year old soccer
    I shoot a 38 at the East Potomac red course
    Danica Patrick finishes second to Dale Earnhardt Jr

  5. Lions 35

    Skins 36

    This team isn’t 0-3 bad (I think). The secondary shows its usual atrocious colors. RGIII shows signs of settling in.

    Comeback drive in a nail biter.

  6. This team could really use a seasoned 6’2″ 220lb free safety ball hawk who could intimidate wideouts.

    Preferably wearing #21.

    Thanks, you four losers sitting in a miami cell block.

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