Redskins-Packers Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. This time a 38-20 loss at Green Bay, and it wasn’t even that close. Hey, at least Dallas and Philly lost.


Ryan Kerrigan — More QB pressure, as evidenced by two early sacks. Seems to be the only defender that’s worth a shit
Alfred Morris — Didn’t fumble and ran for 107 on 13 carries.

Pierre Garcon — Eight catches for 143 yards and a nice TD. Is a baller.

Jordan Reed — First NFL touchdown. Playing more than I expected

Kevin Durant The world’s biggest Redskins fan. Literally.


Mike Shanahan — Two games, two times getting blown out in the first half. Problem is, this week they didn’t even really pick themselves up off the mat.

Jim Haslett — Had no idea how to stop the Packers from moving the ball at will, and I think that’s an understatement.

Kyle Shanahan — No idea how to move the ball consistently. Couldn’t convert a third down. At least when it counted.

Brandon Meriweather Knocked Eddie Lacy out, then knocked himself out. Poor form both times. Also slipped on an earlier play to give up Randall Cobb’s long TD.

Josh Morgan — Dropped a pass on a fourth-and-5, turned it into an INT.

Sav Rocca — Twenty-five-yard punt to start. Averaged 36.8 for the game.

John Potter — His lone FG attempt was wiiide right. Not that it mattered.

Special teams in general — Penalties galore from E.J. Biggers, Logan Paulsen, Nick Sundberg (two on one play!), Niles Paul, etc.

David Amerson — Burnt by Jordy Nelson and then didn’t tackle him. Luckily Nelson was ruled down by contact. Oh and Amerson committed defensive PI on the play.

London Fletcher — It’s weird to not hear his name all day.

Will Montgomery — Called for a heel-back block. I don’t even know what that is. Also called for grabbing a facemask.

Fred Davis — Non-factor.

Michael Strahan — His halftime commentary: “[The Packers] are kinda making RGIII look like R … 2 … D … 2.”

Fox — There was an extended portion of the second quarter where every player in the ticker was named Griffin (e.g., Tony Griffin, Dez Griffin, etc.).

The Lambeau LeapToday’s leaps were joyless pursuits, made out of obligation. It was kind of sad in a way.


Robert Griffin III — Looks like he’s running on molasses out there. On pace for 5,000 yards passing!

DeAngelo Hall — Gave up Jordy Nelson’s first TV. Forced a James Jone fumble that turned into a touchback.

Santana Moss — Nice garbage-time TD grab that didn’t really look like a TD.

11 thoughts on “Redskins-Packers Winners & Losers”

  1. Jim Haslett is the worst coordinator in football. He was blessed to start as the DC for the steelers and get some to 12 defences for 3 years. Btw, they’ve really missed him since he left after ’99

    Since 2000 here are his D. Ranks on pts against:
    10 (tell me later if you can spot the outlier)
    [out of the NFL entirely for the year until you know who brought him back… Not as a LB or DB coach but as frigging DC!]

  2. Oh good, I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what a heel back block is. Funny how refs can call the most obscure penalties and not the blatant ones.

    Also, can’t put London in the losers column (ever). He was out there flying around just not mentioned at all. Medium.

  3. Bonus Loser: Sunday Ticket’s blackout policy, which (on the west coast) prevented myself and I’m sure many others from watching the game post-Garçon TD after Fox cut into a “more competitive” Dallas-KC game. Not that it mattered much…

  4. Winners:
    Shanny challenges! 2 for 2! Way to go booth!

    Fourth Quarter wins! Outscoring opponents 26-0 in the 4th quarter this year (Being outscored 71-21 in first 3 quarters, but who’s counting)?

    The pylon – Hooray for the inanimate pylon, worker of the week for week 2.

    Keith Burns – is it too early for PSGO?

    The rest of the NFC East. Still only one game back, baby.

  5. By the way, it’s a peel back block. When an offensive player blocks a defensive player below the waist from the outside of the field (peeling back) toward the inside of the field. It’s one of the rare penalties to protect Defensive players.

  6. This team is undisciplined and sloppy, and right now this is all on Shanny. All preseason long the mantra was “we have a plan” “we have a plan.” Apparently, that plan involved not bothering to coach anyone else, hold breath, await RG3 to put on his cape and become superman.

    Shit doesn’t work like that. This is coaching at its worst.

  7. totally agree we are being grossly outcoached. and why are we not even trying to run a 2-minute offense when the game is within reach (conceivably) in the 3rd and 4th quarters? it’s infuriating to watch.

    winners: our likely draft position in april.

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