Redskins-Packers Predictions

The way it works is, our Redskins-loving “staff” makes predictions in the post, readers make predictions in the comments, and the commenter who comes closest to the final score gets to make a guest post. Hip-hip!

Chris Mottram: Packers, 31-24

Based on what we saw from the Skins’ offense in Week 1, I don’t see any reason to believe they go to Lambeau and beat the Packers. Not to mention Washington’s secondary against Aaron Rodgers, which seems like an unfair mismatch. It’ll be high scoring again, but Skins fall short.

Matt Terl: Redskins, 28-27

It can’t go THAT badly again, right? I’d feel much better if someone other than Chris Thompson was returning punts and kickoffs, though.

JP Finlay: Packers, 28-20

I think the winner of the NFC East will have a 9-7 record, and I certainly think the Skins can get to nine wins. But I don’t think it starts this week. Green Bay is really good, they almost won on the road against the best team in the league. Folks might be looking too much into the Skins “comeback” last week in the second half. The Eagles D played about as tough as Buster Bluth the last 30 minutes of that game. Wins to come, but not in Lambeau.

Andy Peden: Packers, 31-27

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Another ugly first half with the Skins down two scores and playing catch up.

Todd Davis: Redskins, 34-27

Wait, who was the dummy that said the ’91 team better watch out?! Oh yeah, right, well about that. I’m not giving up that easy.

Jack Kogod: Packers, 34-31

I unfollow every Redskins writer/blogger/whatever on Twitter except for John Keim.

Me: Packers, 34-27

So I call my Grandma on Tuesday to shoot the shit, and the Skins-Eagles game comes up.

Grandma: “What happened to RJ?” (Yes, “RJ.”)

Me: “He looked pretty rusty.”

Grandma: “Where was Cousins?.”

Me: “He was in uniform, on the sideline.”

Grandma: “They should put him in there.”

Composite prediction: Packers, 30-27

29 thoughts on “Redskins-Packers Predictions”

  1. 2 years ago the Packers won the Super Bowl after being defeated by the Redskins at FedEx (indirect Super Bowl Champs AmIRight?). This year the Redskins will be defeated by the Packers at Lambau, and will go on to be the Super Bowl Champs! (Someone take the Kool Aid from me, PLEASE!) Packers 28-Redskins 24

  2. GB offensive line stinks..Rodgers will get touchdowns and will throw on us..but not after 4-5 sacks. Skins win the turnover battle forcing 3 fumbles (Rodgers/Lacy) . We will see a better Skins offense than we did Week 1, im optimistic. RG3 goes all “Kaepernick” on Green Bay and throw all over them. Oh and FroMo redeems himself.

    Skins over Packers 35-30

  3. Packers 34 – Washington 20. Things will get better but not this week. This week we will have to eat cheese. And it will taste like sadness.

  4. RG3 has never had two bad games in a row. AND NEVER WILL.

    But the defense has, can, and will forever and ever. #signKerryRhodes.

    Pack 48
    ‘Skins 38

  5. Pack 33 – Skins 13
    In my heart of hearts, I fear that this is our worst case scenario game, and Clay Matthews injures RGIII on an illegal hit and we lose him through the bye at least… HOWEVER, that is too depressing so let’s say Clay misses tackling RG out of bounds, and instead nails Kyle Shanahan on the sidelines & Skins have to bring in Sherm Lewis to call bingo plays from the luxury suites for the rest of the season.
    Oh, and Skins lose big.

  6. This is the single worst part of football season. The countless “predictions” from every jack in the box that thinks he knows something. Who really cares?! (Looks at 19 previous comments; throws laptop)

  7. I don’t really know what to expect out of the skins this week. So, I think it comes down to Rodgers being better than RGIII for one more week.
    Is it possible that this game will come down to whether Brandon Meriweather plays?
    Skins – 24
    Pack – 34

  8. Redskins 21
    Packers 35

    Aaron Rodgers won’t let a few rook DBs throw him off his gameplan. Really, as long as we can avoid Chris Matthews close lining RG3 out of bounds I’ll be relieved. Sorry Skins. As unlikely as people want to think the Skins can’t start 0-2, it is even more unlikely for the Pack.

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