DMV: Ovechkin Has Gone Grey

We knew there was salt in Ovi’s pepper, but that’s grey hair for a 27-year-old. Looks good on the Grey 8, though. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

Olaf Kolzig is the Caps’ new goaltending coach. Olie the Goalie! [RMNB]

Nats win 3-2 in Philly. Are 6.5 games back. Get day off. [Nats Insider]

Denard Span has turned his season around. Thank God. [Nats Journal]

Bryce Harper thought there were three outs. It was hilarious. [FTW]

O’s lose to Cleveland. Are 4 back. Host ChiSox tonight. [Camden Chat]

This strikes me as a very silly question, Baltimore Sun. [O’s Insider]

The Redskins have the second-oldest roster in the NFL. Oh. [FTW]

A beer for every NFL team. The Skins are Mike’s Hard Lemonade. [SOE]

NBA teams keep raiding the Wiz front office. So weird. [Wiz Insider]

On defense, point guards and John Wall’s defense. [Truth About It]

Maryland QB C.J. Brown had a great Week 1. What’s next? [Terps Insider]

Good roundup of what the Jeff Bezos WaPo pep rally was like. [City Desk]

6 thoughts on “DMV: Ovechkin Has Gone Grey”

  1. I agree with Jules, I think it’s more of just our veterans are pretty damn old. Fletcher is 38, Rocca is 39! Although we have a lot of players in the 28-35 range. But look at our cornerstones. Griffin-23, Morris-24(25 soon),Silverback-25,Garcon-27,Orakpo-27,Kerrigan-25,Davis 27. I think we’re fine and the average age will drop next year when we Fletch and Tana retire, D-Hall and Josh Wilson are gone. I just think the older players will only be here this year and maybe next.

  2. The only thing accurate in the Sun article is what Buck said.

    When you’re a top 3 offense in the league, you’re scoring enough runs to win games. Now find some fucking arms.

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