DMV: Chris Thompson, Return Man

Notes from the Skins’ last preseason game. [Hogs Haven, Insider, Keim]

Chris Thompson helped his cause by taking one to the house. [The Insider]

NBC/Comcast Sportsnet misidentified three Redskins in one graphic. [Bog]

The over-reporting of RGIII’s health situation is exhausting for all. [Bog]

The MMQB may not use the term “Redskins” or maybe it will. [TBL]

Nats win 14th of their last 19, stand 6.5 back in the WC. [Nats Insider]

Nats’ve been above league-average offensively since July 4. [Nats Journal]

Gulf Coast Nats are literally the best minor league team ever. [Nats Journal]

O’s beat Boston to gain a game as Tillman wins 15th. [Camden Chat]

Buy a pair of autographed Jim Palmer tightie whities if you like. [BLS]

Check out @SportsPSA, this thing we’re doing that I think you’ll like. [FTW]

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