Michael Morse May Be Returning To The DMV, Where He Belongs

Michael Morse, traded by Mike Rizzo a year ago and having a shitty season in Seattle, may be coming back to the DMV, this time to Baltimore. He’d probably DH for the O’s, who probably won’t have to give up much, and they probably wouldn’t bring him back next year, either. This would be a one-month rental, if the two teams can make a deal.

And here’s to it working beautifully. I’d like nothing more than to see the O’s pull out a Wild Card spot, with Morse Code in a starring role, so long as they don’t start playing A-Ha at Camden Yards.

In any event, let’s remember Morse’s time in D.C. via these images from the past, all previously published on this site.

One thought on “Michael Morse May Be Returning To The DMV, Where He Belongs”

  1. Morse brought a certain je ne sais quoi to the Nats. I miss him (mostly for his warm-up routine on deck and even more so now, since Adam LaRoche forgot how to hit) and though it would it kills me to see him play for other teams, I would be happy to at least see him land with the O’s. <3 Beast Mode.

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