DMV: Eagles Legend Sings ‘Hail To The Redskins’ On National TV

LOL at this very brief video of Brian Dawkins singing “HTTR.” [Hogs Haven]

Five things to watch for in the Skins preseason finale tonight. [The Insider]

Nats get their 13th win in 18 games, but are still seven back. [CSN D.C.]

Two Marlins slide into the same base at the same time. [DC Sports Nexus]

A Marlin gave up on a foul ball because a Nats fan called it. [Deadspin]

Bryce Harper would like you to keep attending Nats games, please. [Bog]

Rafael Soriano stinks this year because his slider is on ice. [Nats Journal]

O’s lose another to Boston, this time by one run. Damn it. [Camden Chat]

O’s trying to work out a deal for Josh Willingham. [B’more Sports Report]

Kevin Gausman is back with the O’s, this time in the bullpen. [O’s Insider]

Pics of Ovechkin modeling Russia’s Olympic uniforms. [Russian Machine]

Yes, young Braden Holtby is pretty good in goal. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Wiz VP of player personnel is now the GM of the T-Wolves. [Wiz Insider]

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  1. Unrelated:

    Since it’s Fantasy Football season, you should have a best DC sports related fantasy team name article. There is just too much good shit to capitalize on.

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