DMV: Instagram Video Of John Wall Making It Rain In The Club

This probably isn’t what Leonsis wants to see from his $80m man. [Bog]

Kirk Cousins sounds confident he’ll be read for the opener. [The Insider]

Santana is happy to return punts. Skins may need him to. [The Insider]

A good breakdown of the Nats’ dwindlign playoff chances. [Nats Baseball]

Looking at nine Nats who may be getting September call-ups. [Nats Insider]

Denard Span listened to his mom and finally hit a home run. [For The Win]

It makes sense to keep Zim at 3B, so long as he can throw. [Nats Journal]

Local blog gets makeover as part of the NBC-Comcast family. [Nats Insider]

The Birds start an awesome stretch of 20 games in 20 days. [Camden Chat]

Here’s the George Mason pep band playing some Skrillex, y’all. [Bog]

This reads like if the Onion wrote about the Junkies. [DC Sports Nexus]

6 thoughts on “DMV: Instagram Video Of John Wall Making It Rain In The Club”

  1. I, for one, am shocked John Wall is making questionable decisions after being handed a 10-figure extension by the Wizards! That’s never happened with this team before. (head explodes)

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