Redskins-Bills Winners & Losers

Handing out labels after Skins games. This time a 30-7 win over Buffalo.


Rex Grossman — Pretty average game. Lucked out when a DB dropped an easy pick. Didn’t get hurt. Is more established than ever as the backup to the backup QB.

Roy Helu Jr. — Totaled 91 yards and seems established as the RB2. That downfield fumble was bad, though.

Keiland Williams — Of all the backs in the mix for the RB3 spot this is the one I’m least excited about, but he may have locked it up (eight carries for 52 yards).

Bryan Kehl — Forced a fumble. Strong Preseason HOF candidate.

Darryl Tapp — Picked up a sack and batted down a pass. Looks like a real addition at LB.

Kai Forbath — Nailed a 53-yarder. Kai Forbath!

Alfred Morris — Saw just enough action to break off a beautiful spin move. God, I love Alfred Morris.

Pierre Garcon — Scored a nice little red zone TD. God, I love Pierre Garcon.

Santana Moss — Made an awesome catch-and-run for 45 yards. God, I love Santana Moss.

Fred Davis — Caught a 31-yarder from Grossman. I could love Fred Davis.

Logan Paulsen — Made a couple grabs, reminding me he was pretty good last year.

Jordan Reed — Caught a few balls. Reportedly blocked well. Intrigued to see him and Davis on the field together with RGIII.

Aldrick Robinson — Caught four balls on five targets for 61 yards. Strong showing for the back-end receiver.

Darrell Young — Drove his man back, and kept driving him back, on Pat White’s TD run.

Bacarri Rambo — In on a bunch of stops. And didn’t even whiff on anyone in the open field.

Chick Hernandez — Finally got to call a Skins game. Also sits atop my Redskins Preseason Game On Comcast Sportsnet Power Rankings. The rest: 2) Ken Harvey, who looks like he should still be in pads. 3) Joe Theismann, who likes every player immediately after they’ve made a good play. 4) Tanya Snyder, who stopped by the booth to promote WOW!, which stands for Women of Washington Redskins. I don’t know why that exists.

RGIII — The full uniform and bucket hat is a good look.


Richard Crawford — Fielded his first punt return at the 2. Lost yardage by going backward on his second, tweaking his knee in the process. Out for the year with an LCL and possible ACL. Ouch.

David Amerson — Tough sequence: 1) Called for a face mask to give Buffalo the ball back. 2) Lost C.J. Spiller in the open field. 3) Buffalo ended up scoring a TD. Also called for a deep pass interference.

Evan Royster — DNP (ankle).


C.J. Spiller — Went down with a knee injury, putting the entire fantasy football-playing population on high alert. Came back later, though.

Pat White — Ran the read option for a TD and generally looked good, so long as he was throwing quick slants. Didn’t really impress, and next week may be the last time we see him in a Redskins uniform.

Chris Thompson — Fumbled again and averaged 2.9 yards per carry. Did have a nice punt return, though, and is now in the mix for that spot with Crawford out.

7 thoughts on “Redskins-Bills Winners & Losers”

  1. I know the regular season will be different, but I’m starting to EXPECT that they will win. I am sure that 15 years of PTSD should not be able to be overturned by one good season and a savant of a QB, so I’m still kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop, but holy fbomb, this team seems pretty good.

  2. Amerson was getting dogged all day. It was as if Shanahan put in a call to Buffalo to just focus on the kid. Agree that the team looks awesome, I’m just too scared to say it. Pat White is a terrible quarterback.

  3. Terrifyingly, I’m becoming a little optimistic.

    4 years into Shanahan, and it appears this is actually becoming a football team with some depth and professionalism.

    – Linebacking depth looks formidable right now. Top to bottom, I would have no problem plugging the backups into a lineup as it stands.

    – Garcon/Morgan/Moss/Robinson isn’t the posse, but you could argue it’s possibly the best group of Skins wideouts in a decade.

    – Some “ifs” on the TE’s, but… IF Jordan Reed can handle the slot, and IF Fred doesn’t pick up a blunt, that’s as decent a group of TE’s anywhere in the league.

    – Secondary is still a concern, and a lot is riding on Amerson, who is looking pretty much like what the scouting reports said he was — DeAngelo 2.0. Although I will say he does come in hard on the run at times more than #23.

  4. @Ketel – Yeah. She is the epitome of someone who talks a lot but says very little. She kept harping on “fashion” as the camera cut to the fat humps in the “PARTY!” deck wearing pink RGIII jerseys. Don’t want to sound too cynical over someone who’s promoting a charity (is WoW a charity? i never really understood) but she was indeed painful. The one takeaway, though, is that the Danny might be running in the 5K next weekend with the unwashed masses. That should be interesting.

    OH, and the Special Teams looked pretty good. Punt coverage units were in the returners face all day even causing a few turnovers (one called back) prompting Bills fans all over to utter the phrase “Danny Smith: PSGO!)

  5. Loser: The playing field, again. JFC, I thought they went and reseeded it or something? there are / were dead or brown spots all down the middle .

  6. I am not a Redskin fan (nor a hater) so I offer the following with 100% objectivity. The skins have looked like a professional team since the day Shanny showed up which made them watchable even during his first two years. Most of what we see this preseason passes the eye test. It is perfectly reasonable to expect them to contend for the divsion title this year.

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