Your Guide To Buying Redskins Tickets In 2013

We’re hoping to do an Open Thread and Winners & Losers post for tomorrow’s Redskins-Steelers tilt. For now, though, a word from our friends at TiqIQ.

The Washington Redskins are entering uncharted territory. After starting 2012 at just 3-6 and making an unlikely run to the playoffs, they’re suddenly no longer a sleeper team that is flying under the radar. Instead, some will have them as sneaky Super Bowl favorites, and even more will have them winning the NFC East for the second year in a row. Most of that stems from what quarterback Robert Griffin III did as a rookie a year ago, and provided his surgically repaired knee is up to snuff, analysts everywhere will assume he can easily do it again.

It won’t be easy to answer those Super Bowl cries, but RG3 and co. don’t have an impossible feat in the NFC East, as the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t expected to be serious playoff threats, whereas the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys both missed the playoffs last year.

Washington’s resurgence has prices for 2013 Redskins tickets at home set at $219, which is a steady 22.49% increase from a year ago. With the Redskins on the rise and taking aim at more than just a playoff appearance, let’s take a step back and check in on their best and worst games for 2013:

Top 3 Priced Home Games

1. 12/22 vs. Dallas Cowboys | Avg: $303 | Get-in: $60

Talk about a huge game. This one comes in week 16, too, which could be huge for either the Cowboys’ or Redskins’ playoff push. Considering that these two teams are long-time rivals and the two games they gave fans last year, this is a fair price at just 39% above the home average.

2. 11/25 vs. San Francisco 49ers | Avg: $263 | Get-in: $51

Colin Kaepernick and hopefully Michael Crabtree (actually, hopefully not, right?) come into town in late November, pitting athletic quarterbacks against each other. This has the making of an epic clash and could end up having something to do with playoff seeding. It’s an arguable deal at just 21% above Washington’s home game average.

3. 10/20 vs. Chicago Bears | Avg: $236 | Get-in: $49

RG3 and co. welcome Jay Cutler and the Bears late in October for another high-quality home game. This is the cheapest of their top home games and is just 8% above their home game average. The Bears were 10-6 a year ago and with a new head coach brought in to improve the offense, this one could end up being a heated shootout.

Top 3 Home Game Value Buys

1. 12/8 vs. Kansas City Chiefs | Avg: $159 | Get-in: $27

It’s always a value buy at home when you can safely project a win. Jamaal Charles brings some excitement to this matchup and the Chiefs do look better on paper than they did a year ago, but the reality is that the Redskins are still the better team. At 27% under the home game average, this is a solid bargain.

2. 11/3 vs. San Diego Chargers | Avg: $170 | Get-in: $25

Here’s another AFC West opponent, but this time the Chargers probably offer a little more competition. Philip Rivers is arguably pretty underrated at this point after two un-Rivers-like seasons, and this one could be more competitive than people think. With it being 22% under Washington’s home average, it’s a steal.

3. 9/22 vs. Detroit Lions | Avg: $173 | Get-in: $33

Washington’s other value buy at home is the Detroit game in late September. This one is a great value due to it potentially being very explosive and still being under $175 on average. Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush pose a reasonable threat on paper, and this one is actually 21$ below the Skins’ home average.

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