DMV: I Would Not Be Mad If RGIII Went Back To The Afro

RGIII changed his signature look, has some new cornrows. [For The Win]

He had different styles back in the day, including a “medium afro.” [Bog]

RGIII ramps up activity, but he isn’t playing until Week 1. [The Insider]

RGIII gets this month’s GQ cover story treatment. [Bog, Bog]

The Redskins get the Onion treatment, and it’s so good. [Onion]

Cooley may be the third man in a three-man Redskins radio booth. [Bog]

Orakpo isn’t happy about his cool facemask being banned. [The Insider]

This Redskins fan’s gardening skills are out of control. [For The Win]

The Nats take Gatorade baths because that’s what losing teams do. [Bog]

Is Davey Johnson a Hall of Famer? I don’t know. [Sports on Earth]

O’s lose on a walk-off HR in Arizona, fall 2 back in Wild Card. [MASN]

Banana-throwing SF fan confesses, apologizes to Adam Jones. [ESPN]

The Wiz are bringing Al Harrington in for a year. [Bullets Forever]

John Wall got a big new “No Time For Sleep” owl tattoo. [Bog]

2 thoughts on “DMV: I Would Not Be Mad If RGIII Went Back To The Afro”

  1. I heard the RG3 presser on 980 yesterday afternoon, and I gotta admit, I am growing increasingly tired of hearing Robert’s i-dont-understand-the-plan and im-not-happy-im-not-playing-in-preseason bullshit.

  2. @Sneaky Uncle: I totally agree. RG3 needs to just STFU, be patient and get better. Is anyone really going to be upset if he misses the first month of the season after massive knee surgery if he rushes back and his leg comes flying off by week 10? I love RG3, but I want to see him play for another 12+ years. That requires working extremities.

    Whitlock said as much in his most recent column:

    Also, LOL @ that owl tattoo. Brutal.

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