Pat White Is The Perfect Redskins Preseason Hall Of Famer

Last Thursday we announced the inaugural class of Redskins Preseason Hall of Famers. That very night a new candidate emerged.

His name is Pat White, and he led the Redskins to meaningless victory over Tennessee with a touchdown and game-winning two-point conversion. He is the perfect Redskins Preseason HOFer:

*He’s a quarterback.
*He’s a flashy quarterback.
*He had a great college career.
*He was kind of a high draft pick.
*He has semi-local ties to Washington.
*And he has little chance of making the team.

That’s all it takes, really, to get six mentions in a league-wide preseason Week 1 recap and for fans to lose it on sports talk radio, Twitter, etc. There are three preseason games left. I hope Pat White plays all of the snaps.

5 thoughts on “Pat White Is The Perfect Redskins Preseason Hall Of Famer”

  1. Pat White will have the last laugh when he leads this team to a perfect record, wins the Super Bowl and changes the QB position forever. Someday people will look back and laugh that we gave up 3 first round picks for RG3 and got the great Pat White off the street.

    Skins Fans are Crazy!

  2. At the risk of sounding like a total homer, if we don’t make Pat White the third string QB and decide to stick him in the practice squad, someone will absolutely snatch him up. Pat White basically was five years ahead of the curve when he entered the league. The Dolphins even tried to turn him into a WR before they cut him loose (coincidentally after sustaining a nearly career ending injury … right). I know it’s preseason, but someone will find a way to use him effectively. He looks a lot bulkier than in previous years and his speed and instincts are a hot commodity in a copycat league suddenly loaded with mobile quarterbacks. I should hate the guy after the way he and Steve Slaton torched the Terps year after year, but I’m rooting for him. To me, he’s already a Skins preseason Hall of Famer. (slowclap)

  3. Anyone who wants Pat White to be the 3rd string emergency QB is missing the entire point in keeping a 3rd QB in the first place. Ideally, if Robert were healthy we would only carry him and Kirk. Since this is not the case, we must carry a 3rd QB. There is quite literally ZERO chance for Pat White on this team. You don’t take a developmental long shot as your 3rd string emergency QB…that defeats the whole purpose. You need experience, reliabliity, and a known quantity at that position. Its why Rex was resigned in teh first place. Percieved “upside” has no value b/c in 2014 we will not have a 3rd QB…heck we might drop ours by mid-season if Robert proves healthy. Let it go folks.

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