DMV: Redskins Play Injury-Free Preseason Football Game!

Notes from the Skins’ 22-21 win at Tennessee. [TWT, Hogs Haven]

Pat White looked like a Redskins Preseason Hall of Famer. [The Insider]

Fred Davis drew an excessive celebration penalty after his TD. [The Insider]

There’s going to be a new RGIII documentary. Here’s the trailer. [Bog]

O’s should consider bringing Mark Reynolds back to B’more. [Camden Depot]

The Nats have a 1.7% chance of nabbing a Wild Card spot. [Nats Journal]

Matt Williams mentioned as a candidate to replace Davey. [Federal Baseball]

(Kirk Cousins-Tom Compton GIF taken with love from DC Sports Nexus.)

One thought on “DMV: Redskins Play Injury-Free Preseason Football Game!”

  1. LOL at the gif.

    I couldn’t watch most of the game but John Keim says Brandon Jenkins stood out. Can anyone confirm?

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