DMV: Bryce Is Still All Fired Up

It’s pretty clear from watching this day-after interview that Bryce Harper thinks the Nats should’ve retaliated the other night. [CSN Washington]

What you already knew: Bryce didn’t deserve to get plunked. [SB Nation]

Bryce Harper’s new mustache is a dirty little thing. [For The Win]

Braves sweep the Nats to take a 15.5-game lead in the NL East. [WaPo]

Tanner Roark made a successful debut in relief, at least. [Nats Journal]

O’s beat SD on Chris Davis’ 41st HR. 1.5 back in the WC. [Camden Chat]

Trent Williams, Meriweather sit for tonight’s preseason game. [The Insider]

Cooley interviewed Dan Snyder, who drinks “small beers.” [Bog]

Don’t worry, FroMo’s HR swing celebration isn’t going anywhere. [FTW]

John Wall considers himself the best PG in the NBA. [Point Forward]

The story of a guy sharting after getting dunked on by Gil. [Complex]

3 thoughts on “DMV: Bryce Is Still All Fired Up”

  1. Small beer, huh? Not sure if that means those little bottles, or weak beer in the English sense (small beer is a legal term for very low alcohol beer in the UK, and originally came from cheap, weakly brewed beer drunk for safety in times when water supplies were often unsafe).

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