A Brief History Of Dan Snyder Wearing Oversized Clothing

Apparently it was raining in Richmond today, which is one explanation for why Redskins owner Dan Snyder looked like this:

The oversized shirt and shorts combo is something to behold, but ill-fitting clothes are not new for Mr. Snyder. Scroll down to see what I mean …

Here he is, with RGIII two weeks ago, wearing an overlong Skins polo:

Back in March, it was an oversized buttonup at a Lakers game:

Last year, he was on a boat wearing a buttonup with really long sleeves:

Magic, Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder on a boat in Cannes (via SBNDC)

And here he is, at a Hooters, wearing a different overlong Skins polo:

At least he shaved that high school mustache, though.

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