DMV: Bryce Harper Walk-Off HR

Hopefully the Nats hit true rock bottom in the top of the ninth yesterday, after Soriano and Krol blew a 7-4 lead. And then Bryce Harper hit the first walk-off homer of his career in the bottom half. Nats snap six-game skid, stand eight back. [Nats Insider]

Harper was so excited he high-fived a ghost rounding second base. [FTW]

The walk-off aside, Harper hasn’t been any good since April. [Nats Baseball]

Nats’ll be shutting down rookie fifth SP Taylor Jordan soon. [Nats Journal]

FLOTUS was at the Nats game yesterday. Love you, FLOTUS. [Bog]

The Nats have bigger problems than the hitting coach, Bowden. [Bog]

O’s drop third straight out in Kansas City. Stinky. [Steve Melewski]

Notes from Day 1 of Skins training camp. RGIII looked great. [The Insider]

This woman lost her shit after not getting a Redskins autograph. [FTW]

Pierre Garcon: “We have the potential to be the best offense ever.” [USAT]

Columnist predicts 12-win season for the Skins. “Count on it!” [Jason Reid]

Adam Carriker needs 4-5 months to recover from quad surgery. [The Insider]

FroMo says Mazda is refurbishing his ’91 ride that’s already kinda tight. [FTW]

Wall okay in Team USA scrimmage. Had a nasty putback. [Bullets Forever]

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