These 2013 Nationals Are Totally Mediocre In A Really Weird Way

The Nats came out of the All-Star break needing to win. Then the second half began with a loss Friday, despite a quality Strasburg start. It continued with another loss Saturday, despite masterful stuff from Gio. The wheels fell off Sunday as ZNN lasted two innings, and Werth was the only guy to get a hit. They’re lucky to be seven back of Atlanta.

This is a pattern for the team so many picked to win the World Series: pitch at an elite level, hit like shit. I’m not sure people realize how special that dichotomy is, though.

It’s hard to be where the Nats are now (48-50) with pitching that good (fifth-best ERA in the league). Here’s the full list of teams that finished top-five in ERA and below .500 in the past 10 years:

— 2011 San Diego Padres (third-best ERA, .438 win percentage)

That’s it, and they finished last, which is what happens when your HR leader hits 11 and only one player has more than 45 RBI. The ’13 Nats seem to have a better lineup, but they’ve scored the third-fewest runs in the league, same as those ’11 Padres. The Nats also have the second-most errors, which is another factor at play here.

So where do they go from here? I’d say a top-five ERA is more likely than a sub-.500 record, but faith is getting thinner.

7 thoughts on “These 2013 Nationals Are Totally Mediocre In A Really Weird Way”

  1. Good thing they shut me down last year. Idiots. We should have gone for it all when we had the chance.

  2. Yes it was a good thing. I was the person who replaced you in the line up in the playoffs and I was the only starting pitcher who pitched well. It was the relief that lost us the series, but don’t let facts get in the way of your thinking and just keep spewing that unintelligent group think.

  3. Yea especially since I was pitching so well at the end of the season. I think I remember being shut down even early than planned because my season and mechanics were falling apart.

  4. I am sure the seamheads will break out their scatter charts and bizzare stats to prove otherwise, but it seems that the high error rate goes a long way in explaining the low earned runs and losing record.

    Also, does nobody else get the a case of the Ole Ball Coach heebie jeebies when they see that gif??

  5. I just realized I’ve been using a tee ball bat this whole time… Silly me. No wonder I keep hitting weak grounders up the first base line.

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