There’s A Burgundy-And-Gold Fishing Boat Called ‘Hog Wild’

I’m spending some time in the Outer Banks right now and took a little fishing trip the other day. As we pulled out of the marina, the first mate pointed out a burgundy-and-gold-painted boat with “HOG WILD” in curly script down the side: “That guy is a huge Redskins fan. Had John Riggins and Joe Jacoby on the boat the other day. Big ol’ boys.”

That was about all he knew about that, but yep, there’s a big ol’ charter boat called Hog Wild down here that you can take out for something like $1,800 a day. Just like Riggo and Jake. The t-shirt is kinda tight too.

3 thoughts on “There’s A Burgundy-And-Gold Fishing Boat Called ‘Hog Wild’”

  1. Hah! I have fished on the Hog Wild for years with both retired Skins players and my family. Captain Jim Horning is world class my friends. World Class. We not only caught a “grander” Blue Marlin fishing with Capt Jim but we also were fortunate enough to be part of a “grand slam” with him as well a few years after (white marlin, blue marlin, sail fish). Oh and he blares “Hail to the Redskins” when pulling back into the dock with fish in the cooler or flags flying. Love this boat.

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