DMV: Watch All 24 Bryce Harper Home Run Derby Home Runs

Harper finished second in the HR Derby. Here are his homers. [Nats Enquirer]

Harper’s family and hair made quite an impression at the Derby. [FTW, FTW]

Harper is batting ninth, playing CF in the All-Star Game. [Nats Journal]

Once again, Harper’s special All-Star spikes are really something. [Bog]

Davis popped a blister during the HR Derby. Not cool, HR Derby. [BSR]

Chris Davis has hit 17 homers to center and the opposite field. [BSR]

Tillman probably shouldn’t be in the ASG over Kuroda. So what. [ESPN]

Nats were reportedly interested in Davis once upon a time. [Nats Journal]

Midseason superlatives for your disappointing 2013 Nationals. [Nats Blog]

Manny Machado’s approach to defense: “Catch the ball.” [Getting Blanked]

Report: The Wiz have started extension talks with Wall. [Bullets Forever]

Otto Porter is struggling in Vegas Summer League action so far. [ESPN]

Here’s RGIII on his honeymoon at the Louvre. He wears whatever. [Bog]

Words and pics from Paul McCartney’s concert at Nats Park. [DCist]

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