DMV: Bryce Harper Vs. Chris Davis For All The Home Runs

Home Run Derby offers Chris Davis a chance at national spotlight. [FTW]

Every O’s All-Star came to Baltimore through Andy MacPhail. [BS]

Orioles GIFs of the Week, including an All-Star wet willy. [Camden Chat]

Good: Bryce Harper usually makes the most of his big moments. [NI]

Bad: Ian Desmond calls out Harper for a selfish ejection on Saturday. [NE]

Cool pic of Pierre Garcon hanging with Nats before a game in Miami. [HH]

47-46 48-47 at the break, Nats in contention but something’s a little off. [Boz]

John Wall is off the hook, this is the worst first pitch in a long time. [DS]

Not sure why he’s there, but Otto Porter has struggled at the 2. [CSNW]

Caps and MoJo in contract negotiations, but how much is he worth? [JR]

JaVale McGee still has pogo stick legs for a 7-footer. Watch. [FTW]

2 thoughts on “DMV: Bryce Harper Vs. Chris Davis For All The Home Runs”

  1. In some strange way, the O’s All-Star coup is more satisfying than their playoff appearance last year. It feels like validation.

  2. I noticed that Davey came and got Bryce without saying a word to the umpire. I guess Ian wasn’t the only one that thought he was in the wrong.

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