DMV: Pops Mensah-Bonsu Got KD

Watch Pops reject Durant in Goodman League action. Colonials! [Bog]

Martell Webster is the Louis CK of the NBA. Weird comp, I know. [FTW]

That time high school-age LeBron met Wizards-era Jordan. [FTW]

Andray Blatche racking up EZPass tickets is so Andray Blatche. [NESN]

Fifty things to do in Richmond while there for Redskins camp. [Foursquare]

Power ranking the Redskins’ current top 10 best players. [Hogs Haven]

Fuck you Monk-Clark was the best WR duo ever. [Redskins Blog]

Fred Smoot is still the very best at just talking about some stuff. [Bog]

“Oral history of Riggins’ boozy night with a Supreme Court justice.” [FTW]

Bryce Harper’s new Geico commercial is just okay for me dawg. [Bog]

Want: that Shark Bernadina bobblehead the P-Nats are giving away. [FTW]

Bryce and Manny Machado are both top-10 in MLB jersey sales. [FTW]

Chris Davis vehemently denies ever having sex with that drug. [O’s Insider]

The AL East already has four 50-win teams. [Baltimore Sports Report]

Cuban defector Henry Urrutia continues to tear it up on the farm. [BSR]

Watch Steve Oleksy try to return Andy Roddick’s serve. [Russian Machine]

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