11 Great Things About This Old Hogs Photo

Hogs Haven uncovered this old photo, among others, from George Starke’s Facebook page. I think we can all agree this represents glory in its purest form. Eleven reasons why:

1. Those “HOG” shirts. They’re beautiful.
2. Those short shorts. Lotta moose-knucking going on there. (Hi, Mark May!)
3. Those tube socks sure do go all the way up.
4. Sixty-three percent of the Hogs had mustaches. One-hundred percent of them were sex symbols, though.
5. Thirty-eight percent had tinted glasses, most notably Joe Jacoby.
6. Everything about Jacoby, really, especially his tiny gold watch.
7. Donnie Warren’s Velcro shoes.
8. Doc Walker was cold that day, apparently.
9. The random dude in the corner. Facebook commenters say it’s Ken Huff.
10. The whiteboard says “50 Gut” (or maybe “40 Gut”), among other things.
11. Joe Bugel looks like such a proud papa, as he should be.

4 thoughts on “11 Great Things About This Old Hogs Photo”

  1. 1) Look how skinny they are
    2) Look how not as strong or muscular they are compared to modern linemen.

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