Things Got Pretty Hairy During Last Night’s Nats Game

We tweeted this but I think I’ll share it here because it tickled me so much:

Werth won the beard-off but lost the war, lining out to third. He’s having a good June, however, putting up a .279/.355/.456 slash line. What to do with him, though, when Bryce comes back? The common thinking is he’ll move down to the sixth or seventh spot in the lineup, but what about batting him leadoff?

That’s counterintuitive, because Denard Span is a Leadoff Guy, but at some point the guy you give the most plate appearances to has to get on base, and D-Span isn’t getting on base. Like, he is very much not getting on base, to the tune of a .256 OBP in June (.310 for the season).

The Nats made this very move last year, moving Werth into the leadoff spot August 11, where he posted a .374 OBP over the season’s final two months. Plus, it’s not like he’s a middle-of-the-order, power bat at this point anyway.

Food for thought. Interested to see what others think.

5 thoughts on “Things Got Pretty Hairy During Last Night’s Nats Game”

  1. Very excited to see an outfield of Harper, Werth, and Span day in and day out. I may be wrong here, but I don’t think the Nats have fielded their best team once all year?!

    Also, bummer about the digital subscriptions to the Bog! I don’t know how long that has been going on, but I got stunnered for the first time today trying to read about Santangelo’s mullet promise. What a drag.

  2. Seconded. The notion that a leadoff guy has to be fast makes, LITERALLY, no sense whatsoever. The ability to get on base should be the lone determining factor here. And Werth does that well.

  3. what about this…Rendon (leadoff), Werth, Harper, Zimm…at this point Rendon is getting on base more than anyone else and he’s not necessarily a power guy either.

  4. I also like the idea of moving Span down. Seems like a classic story of a free agent pushing too hard to impress, and would benefit from feeling less pressure lower in the lineup.

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