DMV: Sonny, Larry and … Joe?

Theismann wants to replace Huff. That’s neither thrilling or appalling. [Bog]

Bryce Harper’s P-Nats rehab starts with three innings tonight. [Nats Insider]

Fun 2013 Nats stats reveal that Strasburg is most excellent. [Nats Insider]

O’s lose opener to Cleveland, have dropped four straight. [Camden Chat]

Kevin Gausman is back in B’more, Freddy Garcia is gone. [Camden Chat]

Dylan Bundy is having more arm trouble. Uh oh. [B’more Sports Report]

Wiz won’t trade the No. 3 pick for Luol Deng. Thank God. [Wiz Insider]

This column about Wall’s ink will be mercilessly ridiculed. [Jason Reid]

Here’s a good, somewhat Wiz-centric draft primer. [Bullets Forever]

More remembrance of the Bullets’ 1978 NBA title. [Truth About It]

Caps aren’t interested in trading Neuvirth, apparently. [Caps Insider]

6 thoughts on “DMV: Sonny, Larry and … Joe?”

  1. J.Reid is honestly the worst sports columnist the Wapo has ever had. He has the prose style of an average college student, lacking voice, insight, and wit. Clearly, he posses naked pictures of some editors wife.

  2. Joey T. – “I mean, I’ve done everything you can do in the media”

    Including a few shows on Gilad’s exercise show where he co-starred with a capuchin monkey.

  3. “Theismann wants to replace Huff. That’s neither thrilling or appalling. ”

    You missed a typo, Jaime. Should read “That’s neither thrilling or APPEALING.”

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