So Glad The Wiz Took Jan Vesely

Yesterday saw the discovery of this Beastie Boys parody video, which is the best thing Jan Vesely has done since kissing his girlfriend on draft night:

Seriously, Jan was somehow involved in the making of this thing:

Meanwhile, this is what Kawhi Leonard did yesterday:

Those were two of his 19 points — to go with 16 boards! — in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. If you’ll recall, he was on the board — and would’ve filled a need! — when Ernie Grunfeld selected Vesely at No. 6 overall in 2011.

In a related story, the Wizards are now following the Spurs model.

2 thoughts on “So Glad The Wiz Took Jan Vesely”

  1. i’ve been cursing my TV the entire playoffs that we could have had Kawhi Lenoard instead of Jan ” ‘he has no basketball skill-set whatsoever’ – according David Aldridge” Vesely.

    Sheldon Mack, though! huh? HUH? Hmmmm…

    (not to mention Randy Foye and Mike Miller for what would have been either Rubio or Stepehn Curry). God i wish i win one of those “guess the final score of the redskins game” so i can write about the Bullets/Wizards draft and trade blunders since 1980.

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