DMV: The Nats Eat Some Face, Which Doesn’t Sound Dirty At All

Gio Gonzalez was kinda awesome, and the Nats won in extras. [Nats Journal]

Ian Desmond ate face in the form of an 11th-inning grand slam. [Nats Enq.]

Bryce Harper to resume baseball activities any day now. [Nats Journal]

O’s beat Tigers again as Crush Davis goes deep twice. [Camden Chat]

Davis is the fastest Oriole to 25 homers since Brady. [Steve Melewski]

Good look at Ovi’s goal scoring after his 2013 resurgence. [Caps Insider]

More anti-“Redskins” sentiment. Go Washington Football Team! [Bog, PFT]

Brad Beal is still recovering, may miss Summer League action. [Wiz Insider]

Alternatives to “Wizards” for Washington Basketball Team. [Truth About It]

Watch Alex Len hang out with Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose. [Terps Insider]

Paralyzed Lake Braddock pitcher walks for diploma. He a Duke. [JMUSB]

6 thoughts on “DMV: The Nats Eat Some Face, Which Doesn’t Sound Dirty At All”

  1. Jdobs2 may have been joking, but his point is valid. If you truly believe “Redskins” is an ethnic slur (as you’ve stated many times), why do you keep using it? I’m offended by the “n” word, so I don’t repeat it. Ever. Pretty simple logic, right? Being a fan of the team doesn’t justify your continued use of a term you protest is a racial epithet. That’s a pretty clear contradiction. Stand behind your ethics or give it a rest.

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