Danny Espinosa Is Doing Even Worse Down On The Farm

Today’s Nats chatter included much about how Danny Espinosa is no longer “rehabbing” and is now just down in AAA, working on his swing. Thing is, after batting .158 in the bigs, he’s doing even worse with the Syracuse Chiefs.

Like, 2-for-21 with 14 strikeouts worse, including an 0-for-4 with four strikeouts yesterday. Today is no better. Tweeting from Charlotte, my brother:

That means he’s struck out 17 times in 24 minor league at-bats. If strikeouts were hits, he’d be batting .708, but strikeouts aren’t hits. He’s batting .083.

Meanwhile, back in the bigs, Anthony Rendon is batting .325 as I type this (.365 since replacing Espinosa). Nobody tell Espy.

Update: He got a hit in his final AB! The Espinosa-o-Meter is up to .120.

One thought on “Danny Espinosa Is Doing Even Worse Down On The Farm”

  1. Remember when people were wondering where there would be room for Rendon at the start of the year? Thanks to Danny I’m pretty sure he has a home at second.

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